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A Secret Life: Surviving A Rare Congenital Condition

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Greg Ryan details his journey through the trials of physical deformity and deep depression. A story of human courage, loneliness, enlightenment and joy. He was born 55 years ago, by rights he could have died within the first few days as he had been born without an anal opening, with a rare condition called Imperforate Anus, also known as Anorectal Malformation. Fortunately for his family he was born in Melbourne Australia where the Royal Children's Hospital was located and due to the incredible skills of their surgeons, they could perform marvellous life-saving surgery which gave him a chance of life.But he and his family could never have prepared for the physical and psychological anxiety that was to be his life's companion. But there was hope, and Greg tells that story candidly and sensitively in his autobiography "A Secret Life - Surviving a Rare Congenital Condition", which was first released in August 2016, and has been sold in over 50 countries worldwide and opened a dialogue for those born with this congenital condition, and also to assist families and medical professionals in understanding the lived experience.This is an updated version with an extra 40 pages which includes added information provided my Greg's mother and also a valuable contribution from the pioneer of IA/ARM surgery, Dr Alberto Pena.

ISBN-13: 9780648102427

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Film, Books Anything

Publication Date: 03-31-2019

Pages: 200

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