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Africas Gold Coast Through Portuguese Sources 1471 to 1671

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The Portuguese produced the earliest records for regions in West Africa, none more important than the Gold Coast. This edited volume provides a unique collection of sources written in Portuguese, Latin, Italian, French, and Spanish for Africa's Gold Coast, from the late 15th to 17th century. Students, scholars, and professionals with an avid interest in early modern African, Atlantic, and world history will benefit from the English translations, many appearing for the first time. These sources add to the handful of existing translations, but especially illuminate the late 15th to 17th century relations between the Portuguese empire and the Gold Coast and offer comparative materials for other European interlocutors--Spanish, French, English, and Dutch--garrisoned on the coast or offshore in their vessels. Over that concentrated period, and especially where no other European-supplied records exist, these uncomprehending Portuguese outsiders archived important local ideas,
personalities, polities, and cultural forms animating Gold Coast-Portuguese relations.

ISBN-13: 9780197267066

Media Type: Hardcover

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Publication Date: 12-19-2022

Pages: 550

Product Dimensions: 8.80h x 6.30w x 1.80d

Series: Fontes Historiae Africanae

Kwasi Konadu, Colgate University

Kwasi Konadu is John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Endowed Chair and Professor at Colgate University. He teaches courses in African history and on worldwide African histories. With extensive archival and field research in West Africa, Europe, Brazil, the Caribbean, and North America, his writings focus on African and African diasporic histories, as well as major themes in world history.