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Black Firsts: 500 Years of Trailblazing Achievements and Ground-Breaking Events

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A celebration of achievement, accomplishments, and pride

The first African American president, U.S. senator, and the first black lawyer in the Department of Education. The first black chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and the first African American commissioned officer in the Marine Corps. The first black professors in a variety of fields. The first African American advertising agency. The first African American Olympian. The first black pilot for a scheduled commercial airline. The first recorded slave revolt in North America. The first African American cookbook writer.

Revel and rejoice in the renowned and lesser-known, barrier-breaking trailblazers in all fields--arts, entertainment, business, civil rights, education, government, invention, journalism, religion, science, sports, music, and more. Black Firsts: 500 Years of Trailblazing Achievements and Ground-Breaking Events, Fourth Edition bears witness to the long and complex history of African Americans

Expanded, updated, and revised for the first time in over eight years, Black Firsts collects more than 500 all-new achievements and previously unearthed firsts. This massive tome proves that African American accomplishments are wide-ranging and ongoing, documenting thousands of personal victories and triumphs.

  • Who was the first black American depicted on a postage stamp? (1940 Booker Taliaferro Washington)
  • Who was the first African American bookseller? (1834 David Ruggles, New York City)
  • Where was the first black car dealership? (1941 Edward Davis, Detroit, Studebaker)
  • When was the first black-owned company listed on a major stock exchange? (1971 Johnson Products)
  • Who was the first black U.S. senator? (1870 Hiram Rhoades Rhodes] Revels, Mississippi)
  • Who was the African American columnist who won a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary? (1989 Clarence Page)
  • Who was the U.S. Supreme Court's first black justice? (1967 Thurgood Marshall)
  • Who first broke the color barrier to become a flight attendant? (1958 Ruth Carol Taylor)
  • Who became the first black to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point? (1877 Henry Ossian Flipper)
  • Which model was the first black to grace Sports Illustrated cover? (1997 Tyra Banks)
  • Who became the American Medical Association's first black president? (1995 Lonnie Bristow)
  • What is the oldest surviving black church in America? (The African Meeting House, built in 1806 and known as the Joy Street Baptist Church, in Boston)
  • Who became the first black pitcher to win a World Series game? (1952 Rookie of the Year, Joe Black, of the Brooklyn Dodgers)
  • Who was the first regularly recognized black physician in the United States? (1780s James Durham Derham])
  • Who was the first black actress to receive an Emmy Award? (1969 Gail Fisher)
  • Who became the first black professional football player? (1904 Charles W. Follis)
  • What was first short story published by a black woman in the United States? (1859 Frances Ellen Watkins Harper's "The Two Offers")
  • Who was the black explorer who joined the Lewis and Clark expedition? (York)
  • Who was the first black lawyer to argue a case before the Supreme Court? (1880 Samuel R. Lowery)
  • Which two songs by black Americans were the first to be send out of the solar system? (1977 Chuck Berry's song "Johnny B. Goode" and Blind Willie Johnson's "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground" on Voyager I)
  • What famous inventor and agronomist has a national monument named after him in Diamond, Missouri? (1960 George Washington Carver)
  • What movie featured the first black female lead in a Disney animated feature? (2009 "The Princess and the Frog" starred Anika Noni Rose)
  • Who was the first black American to win a gold medal in the women's all-around final competition.? (2012 Gabrielle "Gabby" Christina Victoria Douglas)
  • Who were the Tuskegee Airmen and why are they so famous? (1941 The U.S. Congress established the first combat unit for blacks in the Army Air Corps with a training facility for black airmen, known as the Tuskegee Airmen, located at Tuskegee Institute, Alabama)
  • Who participated in the first armed encounter of the American Revolution and later became the first black to receive an honorary master's degree? (Lemuel Haynes)
  • Who was the author of a book of poetry that won the first Pulitzer Prize awarded to a black American? (1950 Gwendolyn Brooks for "Annie Allen")
  • What was the first black record company? (Pace Phonograph Company established 1921 by Henry Pace)
  • Who was the black hero who sacrificed himself at the Boston Massacre, an event that would help inspire the American Revolution? (1770 Crispus Attucks)
  • Who was the first black entertainer to host his own talk show on national television? (1989 Arsenio Hall)
  • Who was the first African American to lead the NASA space program? (2009 Charles Frank Bolden Jr.)
  • Who was the first black American to win the Nobel Peace Prize? (1944 Ralph Johnson Bunche)
  • Who was the first black American athlete to win an Olympic gold medal? (1908 John Baxter "Doc" Taylor Jr. winner of the 4 X 400-meter relay in London)
  • Which inventor had the first patent granted an African American? (1872 Elijah McCoy)
  • Who was the first African American to win a Grammy Award? (1959 Count William] Basie)
  • Who is thought to be the United States' first black millionaire? (1890 Thomy Lafon, New Orleans real estate speculator and moneylender)
  • Who was the first black named Association of College and Research Librarian of the Year? (1985 Jessie Carney Smith)
  • Which black first sang a principal role with the Metropolitan Ope
  • ISBN-13: 9781578596881

    Media Type: Paperback

    Publisher: Visible Ink Press

    Publication Date: 01-01-2021

    Pages: 704

    Product Dimensions: 9.20h x 7.10w x 1.40d

    Series: Multicultural History & Heroes Collection

    Smith, Jessie Carney: - Distinguished in the library profession and recognized educator, author and scholar Jessie Carney Smith is dean of the library and holds the Camille Cosby Distinguished Chair in the Humanities at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. She completed her undergraduate work at North Carolina A&T State University and holds master's degrees from Michigan State University and Vanderbilt University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. Among Dr. Smith's numerous awards are the National Women's Book Association's Award, the Candace Award for excellence in education, Sage magazine's Anna J. Cooper Award for research on African American women, and the Academic/Research Librarian of the Year Award from the Association of College and Research Libraries. Her work includes Black Firsts, Black Heroes, The Handy African American History Answer Book, and with co-author Linda T. Wynn, Freedom Facts and Firsts all published by Visible Ink Press. She resides in Nashville, Tennessee.