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Cherokee Narratives: A Linguistic Study

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The stories of the Cherokee people presented here capture in written form tales of history, myth, and legend for readers, speakers, and scholars of the Cherokee language. Assembled by noted authorities on Cherokee, this volume marks an unparalleled contribution to the linguistic analysis, understanding, and preservation of Cherokee language and culture.

Cherokee Narratives spans the spectrum of genres, including humor, religion, origin myths, trickster tales, historical accounts, and stories about the Eastern Cherokee language. These stories capture the voices of tribal elders and form a living record of the Cherokee Nation and Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians' oral tradition. Each narrative appears in four different formats: the first is interlinear, with each line shown in the Cherokee syllabary, a corresponding roman orthography, and a free English translation; the second format consists of a morpheme-by-morpheme analysis of each word; and the third and fourth formats present the entire narrative in the Cherokee syllabary and in a free English translation.

The narratives and their linguistic analysis are a rich source of information for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Cherokee syllabary, as well as for students of Cherokee history and culture. By enabling readers at all skill levels to use and reconstruct the Cherokee language, this collection of tales will sustain the life and promote the survival of Cherokee for generations to come.

ISBN-13: 9780806159874

Media Type: Paperback(Reprint)

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

Publication Date: 01-11-2019

Pages: 240

Product Dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)

Durbin Feeling is a linguist for the Cherokee Nation and a former Cherokee Language Instructor at the University of Oklahoma. William Pulte is Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Southern Methodist University. Gregory Pulte is a graduate student in education administration at the University of Texas at Austin. Bill John Baker is Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

Table of Contents

Foreword Bill John Baker ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 3

Ball of Fire Durbin Feeling 11

Cat Meowing Durbin Feeling 22

The Invisible Companion Black Fox Durbin Feeling 33

Little People Durbin Feeling 41

Origin of Evil Magic Homer Snell 51

Spearfinger Annie Jessan 62

Transformation Durbin Feeling 78

Two Dogs in One Durbin Feeling 99

Water Beast Sam Hair 109

Diary, Author Unknown 117

The Good Samaritan 121

How to Make Chestnut Bread Annie Jessan 129

Hunting Dialogue Durbin Feeling 134

Rabbit and Buzzard Charley Campbell 142

Legal Document John Littlebones 147

Reminiscence Mose Killer 154

Interview with Wilbur Sequoyah Durbin Feeling 163

Throw It Home Mose Killer 214

References 227