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Curse of the Soul Collector

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When a prince appears on a witch's doorstep, lost and injured, she lets him into her home...But she is determined that her heart will remain tightly locked, and he will never have the key.

In a kingdom where magic evokes both awe and fear, Alma's rare magical affinity causes the witch hunters to descend on her family, forcing her to abandon all she knows. For a decade, Alma conceals herself, estranged from a world that misconstrues her powers.

Prince Lorenzo grapples with the duties and expectations of his position, including the expectation that he marry a princess. In an attempt to appease his royal parents, he embarks on a rescue that strands him in haunted woods, injured and alone.

Fate or misfortune guides Lorenzo to Alma's sanctuary, where a fragile bond blooms between the prince and the wary witch. Yet, societal strictures and Alma's self-imposed barriers threaten to sunder them. Their hearts yearn to travel a forbidden path, but it is not to be. Lorenzo's inevitable departure and Alma's subsequent capture shatter their tentative hopes, as well as Alma's heart.

While Alma grapples with her grief as well as her magic, she also must face her long held guilt about the death of her parents. Amid deceit and disloyalty, Lorenzo confronts the ultimate dilemma: duty versus true love.

Content Warning Note: This book is for the intended audience of NA (New Adult). It is a sweet, cozy, fairytale romance, but it does contain:

explicit sex

overtly threatened S/A

knife torture

bound prisoner

ISBN-13: 9798987272060

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Little Slice Publishing

Publication Date: 12-07-2023

Pages: 310

Product Dimensions: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.70d