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Fae Betrayal

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The forest stirs.

The wild hunt rides.

Zoe must make a stand.

With her trusted steed by her side, Zoe leaves the human realm for a life with Florian in Faery. But the gate takes her to the world tree instead. The tree's guardian sets her on the right path, but warns her of a growing threat to the fae realm.

When she arrives in the Sunlight Court, things do not go as planned. Distrusted by the Sunlight fae, Zoe doesn't fit their expectations of a princess. As for Florian, he's still determined to have her as his queen after his upcoming coronation, but she chafes at what that would mean for her. Now Zoe is questioning her own heart and wonders where she belongs.

The five Faery Courts seem to be at peace, but tensions bubble beneath the surface. Deep in the forest unease is brewing. The wild hunt rampages closer to the courts. Whispers of worse threaten a dire future for faery. After the previous Conclave of the Yews, the other queens distrust Zoe and ignore her pleas for help. She must gather her allies, old and new, to protect the realm despite them.

In this thrilling finale to the Lost Princess of Starlight series, continue Zoe's story as she follows her own path to build the life she desires, while doing whatever she can to help the realm she longs to call home.

Find out more in this delightful fae fantasy for lovers of slow burn romance and magical bargains.

ISBN-13: 9789493251052

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Clarissa Gosling

Publication Date: 05-12-2023

Pages: 254

Product Dimensions: 8.00h x 5.00w x 0.58d

Series: Lost Princess of Starlight