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Full Figured 14

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"No Strings Attached" by La Jill Hunt: When they were children, people couldn't tell identical twins Brooke and Brittany apart. Now that they're grown, the beautiful, plus-sized divas still look alike, but they are very different. Brooke is a free spirit who lives life on her own terms and does things her way. Brittany, on the other hand, is cautious and plays by the rules. Despite their differences, the sisters are each other's yin and yang--until a frivolous one-night stand with a stranger turns their lives inside out and jeopardizes their sisterhood forever.

"Illusions of Love" by Latoya Chandler: Eboneé's checklist for the happiest day of her life: man of her dreams, check; wedding of her dreams, check; abduction...not a part of the itinerary! Love, like life, can change in the blink of an eye, and for this beautiful, successful businesswoman, both are about to change from better to worse.

Eboneé McQueen thinks she has finally found her Prince Charming in Kasim Oringo. However, when the day finally comes for them to exchange their vows, their picture-perfect future spirals out of control. Will the tie that binds Eboneé's heart to Kasim's be strong enough to hold them together through this tragedy? Or will their worlds be completely turned upside down, leaving a relationship with no room for repair?

ISBN-13: 9781622862078

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Urban Renaissance

Publication Date: 09-24-2019

Pages: 304

Product Dimensions: 8.10h x 5.40w x 0.90d

Series: Full-Figured

La Jill Hunt is a native of Mobile, AL who burst onto the literary scene in 2003 with her debut novel, Drama Queen. The memorable characters she created and the entertaining stories she told quickly drew bestselling success and a following of fans, young and old. Although known for her urban chick-lit novels, she has also contributed to the street anthology series Around the Way Girls, and penned an urban romance, Another Sad Love Song. Her erotic short story, Catch 22, is currently available as a digital download. Currently residing in Virginia Beach, La Jill enjoys spending time with her daughters, family, and friends.

Latoya Chandler lives in New York and works as an executive assistant to the CEO of a non-profit organization. Her creative spirit awoke in October 2013. Latoya's life changed drastically when she realized she wasn't crazy, and the voices in her head were actually the voices of her characters. The writing began, and before she knew it, Mrs. Chandler had penned her first novel. When Latoya is not writing or reading romance novels, she enjoys spending time with her family. She has five loving children and dotes on her very patient better half.