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Girls from Da Hood 15

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Three of Urban Books' bestsellers have joined forces to tell a sinful tale chronicling the lust, violence, and cunning of street life.

Lust by Treasure Hernandez
Amira James has always had everything she ever wanted: the home, the clothes, and the rich daddy. However, there was a fire deep inside of her that wanted more and more . . . and more. So when she stumbles across the entrance of an underground sex club, she welcomes the new kind of high. Secretly, out of the gaze of the watchful eye of her prominent lawyer father, Amira slips deeper and deeper into this new and exciting life, taking on the name Lust and enjoying every ride. However, when her father loses a big case, and his debt comes back to bite, it's Amira who will end up with teeth marks.

Greed by Katt
Jamia Greedy is the niece of Jamaul Greedy, the leader of an organized crime group in Chicago. He's the only father she's ever known since her own father was mysteriously murdered when she was a child. Her lavish life comes to a halt when Jamaul is critically wounded and is put on life support. His son, Adron takes over the game. But when it becomes clear to Jamia that Adron doesn't want her around, she begins to undo a web of lies weaved by the ones who are supposed to love her most. In the end, she learns that it's her life in the middle of a fight fueled by greed and power. Can she make it out alive?

Wrath by Marcus Weber
Hell hath no fury like Candace "Wrath" Davis. Seeing her mother ruthlessly killed at the ripe age of ten turned her cold inside. After that, the streets were the only thing that kept her warm, especially with all of the blood on her hands. Some called her a monster, but the people who paid her to clean up their messes called her the Calvary. It isn't until she rekindles the flame of an old love interest that she thinks of putting her guns down. However, everything that glitters isn't gold. While she's falling in love, someone else is just getting closer to their target.

ISBN-13: 9781645565048

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Urban Books

Publication Date: 10-24-2023

Pages: 288

Treasure Hernandez, author of the Flint Series and several other bestselling urban titles, was incarcerated in a United States penitentiary. Upon her release, she moved to Atlanta with her daughter. She is working on future projects for Urban Books.

Katt is a former prostitute turned bookworm and author. She was discovered by New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber and has been touted along with authors Brick and Storm as one of the industry's rising stars.

Marcus Weber is the younger half-brother of New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber. He is currently incarcerated.