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), History of Ashanti)` by Otumfuo, Nana Osei Agyeman Prempeh II

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History of Ashanti is unusual, perhaps unique, in that it provides a long historical account of the great West African forest kingdom of Asante by a ruler of that society. Thus, it is African history written by an African king and his assistants. This is, without a doubt, a very important document for historians of Africa. It has too a much wider resonance at the present time: here the Asante 'voice' is speaking directly to all those across the globe who claim ancestral links to the African continent, and who are still engaged in the struggle to define, to strengthen and to assert their identities in a world that long discounted the value, or even the existence, of their historical experience.

ISBN-13: 9780197267028

Media Type: Hardcover

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Publication Date: 01-31-2023

Pages: 732

Product Dimensions: 9.00h x 6.60w x 2.60d

Series: Fontes Historiae Africanae

Tom McCaskie

Tom McCaskie first worked in Asante in 1967-1969 when he was a Research Fellow in the Department of History, University of Ghana at Legon. His Ph.D. (Cambridge University, 1974) was on the reign of the Asantehene Kwaku Dua (1834-1867). Since then he successively occupied professorial chairs at the Centre of West African Studies, University of Birmingham and the School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London. In addition to his ongoing research and publication on Asante he has also written on Achaemenid Persia and on Roman archaeology.