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Meet You By Hachiko

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What would you do if your best friend lived half a world away-and suddenly vanished?

Loner Grace Ryan feels completely invisible. Awkward and shy, she can't seem to get ahead in her studies, social circle, or new relationship with her childhood best friend. But discovering Tokyo street fashion ignites her creativity and leads her into an unlikely online friendship with a Japanese high schooler.

Beautiful and fashionable Kana eats, sleeps and breathes English in order to pass her university entrance exam, but she's tired of sacrificing her own happiness for everyone else's high expectations. Kana finds a friend and conversation partner in Grace, relieved to distract herself with someone else's problems for a change.

Just when things are finally going right, Grace's best friend abandons her, her relationship falls apart, and Kana disappears without saying goodbye. Fearing for her friend's safety, Grace boards a flight to Japan... only to realize that she is completely unprepared for the bright lights and confusing streets of the real Tokyo.

Finding one lost girl among twelve million is much more than she bargained for.

ISBN-13: 9781777435202

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Hachipress

Publication Date: 12-31-2020

Pages: 306

Product Dimensions: 7.81h x 5.06w x 0.69d

Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

Series: Sakura+maple

Greene, Loren: - Loren grew up expecting she could be the next Gordon Korman, except she wasn't particularly funny, which was a bit problematic. Then she wanted to become an exchange student in Japan, and use her newfound fluency to consume Japanese comic books by the boatload. That didn't work out as planned, either. Instead, as an adult, she earned an English degree in her hometown of St. John's, Newfoundland and went off to teach English in Osaka, where she has been writing about Japan since the day she arrived at Narita Airport. Follow her adventures at