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Mestizaje: (Re)Mapping Race, Culture, and Faith in Latina/o Catholicism

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The concept of mestizaje-a reference to the distinctive biological and cultural intermixture that occurred in the. "New World"-has become a foundational category in U.S. Latina/o theology. This book traces the-subversive and innovative ways in which Catholic theologians have curned this concept into a powerful framework for articulating the experiences of faith of Latina/o communities. At the same time the author examines some of the limitations and contradictions inherents in these concepts and explores new language for describing the vibrant and complex ethno-cultural and religious identity of Latina/o communities today.

ISBN-13: 9781570758348

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Orbis Books

Publication Date: 11-28-2009

Pages: 224

Product Dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.50(d)

Series: Studies in Latino/A Catholicism

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Introduction ix

1 Mestizaje as a Locus Tbeologicus: The Contributions of U.S. Latina/o Theologians to the Task of Doing Theology 1

Setting the Context 3

Theological Sketch: The Adoption of Mestizaje in Theology 6

Mestizaje as a Theological Category 9

2 U.S. Latino/a Theology and the Discourse(s) of Mestizaje 23

Mestizaje as a Locus of Theological Reflection: Virgilio Elizondo 26

Mestizaje as the Concrete Religious Experience of the People: Roberto Goizueta 35

Mestizaje as Source and Foundation of Latina Feminist Theology: Maria Pilar Aquino 43

Mestizaje as an Ethical-Moral Choice: Ada María Isasi-Díaz and Mujerista Theology 51

3 Mestizaje among Mexican American Chicano/a Scholars 60

Setting the Context: Historical Background 61

Messianic Synthesis: Vasconcelos's Paradigm of Mestizaje as La raza cosmica 63

The Chicano/a Identity Construction and Vasconcelos 68

Gloria Anzaldúa: La conciencia de la mestiza 71

4 The Shirting Shapes of Mestizaje: Navigating the Contested Spaces of Mestizaje Discourse(s) 81

The Continuing Debates on Mestizaje among U.S. Latina/o Theologians 83

The Myth of Mestizaje as Inclusion: Resistance from the Margins 90

5 The Future of U.S. Latina/o Theology: Implications 106

The Ambiguous Web of Mestizaje and the Reality of Heterogeneity 107

Rereading Our Lady of Guadalupe: Unmasking the Violence of Mestizaje 119

Our Lady of Guadalupe: The Mestizo Symbol of the Mexican Americans/Chicanos/as 120

The Diverse Ethnocultural and Religious Idenrities of the Latina/o People: Mestizaje and Intra-Latina/o Interreligious Interculmralism130

Conclusion: Broadening the Horizons of U.S. Latina/o Theology 135

Notes 145

Index 195