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My Heart Says This

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Chelsea loves this man, she wants her happy ending, but she's not about to hop on one foot and be the good, obedient submissive girlfriend to get it. At this point in her life she is ready to close a chapter and open the next. With or without the man she thought was her future husband. However he is her weakness, but she won't budge until she knows he is ready. When he does.... All hell seems to break loose.Camron is in between a rock and a hard place.... The hard place is between his legs, and by the time he realizes he made a mistake, the woman he lusted over has put him in a position he may never be able to get out of. His weaknesses have gotten the best of him and he doesn't know how to fix it. Emily knows she deserves this man She got him to where he is today, she made him who he is now Who is he to tell her he is no longer in love with her; he has to be joking when he says he never loved her at all. Whatever his issue may be, she refuses to let all the hard work she put into this man go to another woman. Things have literally began to drive her crazy and she is willing to take whatever measures necessary to get what she wants.One woman can't let go. The other won't let go One woman has real love...the other woman is living in her head Matters of the heart, relationships, love and pain have the ability to drive us insane, most of us know how to catch ourselves at the point of walking over the edge.... while others run towards the edge and happily jump. They say there's a thin line between love and hate.... But what about the Invisible Line Between Heartache And Insanity.... My Heart Says This.... What does yours say?

ISBN-13: 9781515245643

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: 07-28-2015

Pages: 292

Product Dimensions: 9.02h x 5.98w x 0.61d

Shaniqka Thomas is a vault, when you tell her something you can guarantee that secret to be kept! This fact rings true for all from strangers, to family members, to old boyfriends, or co-workers. With no judgement and giving no advise where she doesn't have the experience, Thomas has always been a person people find it easy to talk to. Along with her animated personality and lifestyle, this has helped her to find a multitude of reasons to write, to create... to tell stories. Shaniqka Thomas, finished her first novel 'My Heart Says This The Invisible Line Between Heartache and Insanity' in 2008. After one submission and denial, to the surprise of many, she gave up the thought of having the book published. After much encouragement from family and friends to move forward in her endeavors to be an author, her dreams came true in 2015 when she published. Thomas would like to think that she hails from the Upper East Side, with parents from Brooklyn and Bronx, NY, however she was born and raised in SC. She grew up with hopes of being a singer and songwriter, but her fear of the stage pulled her in a different direction. This prejudged shortcoming actually lead her on her true path down the yellow brick road of writing. She now works with WOW Productions theatre company, managing along side 6 other amazing women, who have helped in the cultivation of her passions. You can find her novel 'My Heart Says This The Invisible Line Between Heartache And Insanity' on You can also request it in your local bookstores or libraries. The sister to the novel, My Mind's Eye Deceives Me: The Invisible Line Between Heartache And Insanity; the second book in the series, is coming soon!