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My Way West: Real Kids Traveling the Oregon and California Trails

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For kids who want to learn about what life was like on the Oregon and California Trails between 1840 and 1869, this fascinating history book features beautiful papercut illustrations to reveal the true experiences of real children who had traveled west. The book shows how these children's courage, determination, perseverance, and hope defined the West for what it represents today.

Between 1841 and 1884, more than 300,000 people--40,000 of whom were children--moved over land across North America in search for a new start and better life. The journey presented challenges at every turn, from the initial preparations to the months-long trip, and even after when the travelers reached their final destinations. Young emigrants played large roles throughout it all, with responsibilities ranging from hunting animals to gathering buffalo dung, or even caring for babies.

Relying on real letters and memoirs of actual children on the trail, My Way West offers a fresh perspective so that readers, too, can smell the campfire smoke and see the dust kicked up by the wagon wheels. Learn about seven-year-old Benjamin Bonney from Illinois who was introduced to a new type of bread by Native Americans he met on the trail; how thirteen-year-old Heber McBride and his family from England were able to keep up with their traveling group; what ten-year-old Thocmetony of the Northern Paiute in Nevada thought of the travelers passing by her home; what the difficulties twelve-year-old Owen Bush met when his family, including his free African American father, finally reached Oregon; and more.

Including a bibliography and gorgeously illustrated in vibrant, masterful papercut art, this book presents true stories plus quotes so that young readers can share the emigrant kids' triumphs and tragedies as they make their journey west.

ISBN-13: 9781513267302

Media Type: Hardcover

Publisher: West Margin Press

Publication Date: 06-29-2021

Pages: 48

Product Dimensions: 8.10h x 10.10w x 0.40d

Age Range: 7 - 10 Years

Goss, Elizabeth: - Elizabeth Goss is an illustrator and designer whose work has been published in books, galleries, advertisements and more. She earned her BFA in Illustration and a minor in English and Textual Studies from Syracuse University. With a passion in history and art, Liz is a member of the Oregon Historical Society and currently serving as a VP of Exhibits for the Guild of American Papercutters. My Way West is the first book she's both written and illustrated. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon.