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Nibsy's Christmas and Other Christmas Stories

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"Nibsy Christmas" is a short story set in the East Side streets of New York City.

A poor newsboy shows his generous side when he buys two younger children a piece of cake each on Christmas Eve.

But tragedy will strike later that evening when he flees from his drunken father's wrath to hide in a hay factory where he falls asleep...

" It was Christmas-eve over on the East Side. Darkness was closing in on a cold, hard day. The light that struggled through the frozen windows of the delicatessen store, and the saloon on the corner, fell upon men with empty dinner-pails who were hurrying homeward, their coats buttoned tightly, and heads bent against the steady blast from the river, as if they were butting their way down the street. The wind had forced the door of the saloon ajar, and was whistling through the crack; but in there it seemed to make no one afraid. Between roars of laughter, the clink of glasses and the rattle of dice on the hard- wood counter were heard out in the street. More than one of the passers-by who came within range was taken with an extra shiver in which the vision of wife and little ones waiting at home for his coming was snuffed out, as he dropped in to brace up. The lights were long out when the silent streets re-echoed his unsteady steps toward home, where the Christmas welcome had turned to dread."

ISBN-13: 9781835524015

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Utopia Publisher

Publication Date: 12-07-2023

Pages: 50

Product Dimensions: 11.00h x 8.50w x 0.10d