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On the Edge of the World

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A uniquely formatted book about dreams, loneliness, and the universal longing for connection.

Vera and her family live on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, a place that feels like the edge of the world itself. Lucas and his family also say they live on the edge of the world, but their home is thousands of miles away on the coast of Chile. Vera spends her days devouring fantasy books, throwing balls to her dog, and longing for a friend who would care about the treasures she's hidden underneath the alder bush. Lucas spends his days looking for fossils, playing solo games of soccer, and wishing for a friend who would read with him on the best branch of his favorite tree. One evening, both Lucas and Vera head to the beach, blink their flashlights into the dark--and discover that the edge of the world is not such a lonely place after all.

In this playful, perceptive book, acclaimed author-illustrator Anna Desnitskaya shares the mirroring lives of two children in two separate but surprisingly similar settings. As readers flip the book between Vera in Russia and Lucas in Chile, they will learn just how big--and how small--a place the world can be.

ISBN-13: 9780802856128

Media Type: Hardcover

Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company

Publication Date: 09-26-2023

Pages: 48

Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

Series: Stories from Latin America

Anna Desnitskaya is the author-illustrator of The Apartment: A Century of Russian History (Abrams) and many other books for young readers. In 2018, she was nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, the world's largest award for children's literature. A native of Moscow, Russia, Anna currently lives in northern Israel with her family. Follow her on Instagram @anyadesnitskaya.

Lena Traer is a freelance Russian- and English-language translator with a focus on books for children and young adults. Her past projects include translating Wind: Discovering Air in Motion (Eerdmans) into English and translating a variety of scientific materials into Russian. Born and raised in Siberia, Russia, Lena now lives in San Francisco.