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Python for Teenagers: Learn to Program Like a Superhero!

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This book, which is designed for middle-school through college-aged students, will arm beginners with solid programming foundations they can carry throughout life. It uses fun and simple language (and programming examples) to teach the fundamentals needed to start the down path of becoming a programmer. Python is a highly flexible language, allowing developers to enter any number of technical fields and is a welcome addition to any resume. With its low learning curve, it makes a great introductory language, as new developers can take the coding fundamentals they learn in Python and apply them to any other language.

The second edition builds upon the foundation of the first book, revising all the chapters where the language has changed, updating the commands, code, and examples to bring it up to date with the current version of Python.

Since Python is the most popular programming language in the world and can be used in conjunction with other languages - across multiple platforms - it can increase the reader's ability to qualify for a wider range of jobs than other languages. Finally, Python is fun - something not every programming language can boast!

What You Will Learn

  • Install and configure Python
  • Grasp basic software development principles and syntax
  • Understand the best practices for coding in Python
  • Create applications and debug code

Who This Book Is For

The book's target audience is primarily middle school to college aged students looking to learn how to program computers and develop software. Older individuals and computer programmers who know other languages and want to add Python to their repertoire can also benefit from the book.

ISBN-13: 9781484299876

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Apress

Publication Date: 12-08-2023

Pages: 320

Product Dimensions: 10.00h x 7.00w x 0.72d