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Rebel Skies

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Ann Sei Lin's enchanting and action-packed debut, first in a series, will sweep teen readers away to an aerial world of magic, danger and political intrigue. Perfect for fans of Xiran Jay Zhao, Leigh Bardugo and the films of Studio Ghibli.


Kurara has never known any other life than being a servant onboard the Midori, a flying ship serving the military elite of the Mikoshiman Empire, a vast realm of floating cities. Kurara also has a secret -- she can make folded paper figures come to life with a flick of her finger. But when the Midori is attacked and Kurara's secret turns out to be a power treasured across the empire, a gut-wrenching escape leads her to the gruff Himura, who takes her under his wing. Under Himura's tutelage, and with the grudging support and friendship of his crew, Kurara learns to hunt shikigami -- wild paper spirits sought after by the Princess of Mikoshima.


But what does the princess really want with the shikigami? Are they merely enchanted figures without will or thought, or are they beings with souls and minds of their own? As fractures begin to appear both across the empire and within Kurara's understanding of herself, Kurara will have to decide who she can trust. Her fate, and the fate of her friends -- and even the world -- may rest on her choice. And time is running out.

ISBN-13: 9781774883983

Media Type: Hardcover

Publisher: Tundra Books (NY)

Publication Date: 02-13-2024

Pages: 352

Age Range: 12 - UP Years

ANN SEI LIN is an author and librarian with a love for all things fantasy. Although London is now her home, she spent several years living and working in China, Japan, and is originally from Singapore. She received an undergraduate degree in Japanese Literature and completed an M.A. in Creative Writing, for which she was awarded a Distinction. When not writing, she is studying, gaming or doing origami.