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The Bread the Devil Knead

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Alethea Lopez is about to turn 40. Fashionable, feisty and fiercely independent, she manages a boutique in Port of Spain, but behind closed doors she’s covering up bruises from her abusive partner and seeking solace in an affair with her boss. When she witnesses a woman murdered by a jealous lover, the reality of her own future comes a little too close to home.

Bringing us her truth in an arresting, unsparing Trinidadian voice, Alethea unravels memories repressed since childhood and begins to understand the person she has become.

Her next step is to decide the woman she wants to be.

This is an engrossing and atmospheric novel with a strong feminist message at the heart of its page-turning plot. It explores an abusive love-affair with searing honesty, and skilfully tackles the issue of gender violence and racism against the lush and heady backdrop of the national festival, and the music that feeds it. It’s impossible not to root for Alethea – she is an unforgettable heroine, trapped in ways she is only just beginning to understand but shining with strength, resolve and, ultimately, self-determination.

ISBN-13: 9781912408993

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Myriad Editions

Publication Date: 09-21-2021

Pages: 208

Product Dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.80(h) x (d)

Age Range: 16 Years

Lisa Allen-Agostini is a writer, editor and stand-up comedian from Trinidad and Tobago. The Bread the Devil Knead is her first adult novel. She has written four Young Adult novels, including Home Home, winner of a CODE Burt Award for Caribbean Young Adult Literature. She writes and performs stand-up comedy as ‘Just Lisa’ with her company FemCom TT.

What People are Saying About This


‘Raw and achingly beautiful, this really is remarkable.’

Kei Miller

'You dip into the first page and don't come up for breath until the last... Thoroughly enjoyable.'

Nalo Hopkinson

'Strips you down to raw nerve to build you back up again. Allen-Agostini has an unswerving eye.'

Margaret Busby

'Extraordinary and immersive... Her voice is gloriously specific yet this story of a woman both liberated and in need of liberation has universal resonance... Its powerful themes are unpredictable and unforgettable.'