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The Christmas Peace and A Captured Santa Claus

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1. The Christmas Peace is a novella about a multi-century feud between two families. The Hampden and Drayton families had been feuding since early Colonial days.

Like so many inter-family feuds, the original reason -- who had the most prestigious title, "Captain" Hampden or "Colonel" Drayton -- may seem silly on the surface of it to outsiders, like us.

But, just as with the famous Hatfield and McCoy feud, there is nothing silly about it if you live in the middle of it. And so it was with Hampden-Drayton feud. Perhaps is was not as bloody as the Hatfields and McCoys, but it was no less contentious.

In a surprise ending, as so often as happens in real life, it takes a child to bring the two families together at last, fittingly, on Christmas Eve.

Fittingly, because what better present can Christmas bring than peace?

2. In A Captured Santa Claus by Thomas Nelson Page, enter a world of holiday enchantment and embark on a magical adventure alongside a group of spirited children.

Set in a cozy village, this heartwarming tale unfolds as the children devise a plan to capture Santa Claus himself. With boundless excitement and imagination, the children set elaborate traps, decorating their homes with festive cheer to entice Santa's arrival.

But little do they know that their mischievous plan will lead to an unexpected encounter with the jolly old man. As Santa Claus becomes their captive, the children soon realize that their intentions were misguided.

In this delightful twist, Santa imparts invaluable lessons about the true spirit of Christmas, teaching them about generosity, kindness, and the joy of giving.

Through Thomas Nelson Page's vivid storytelling, "A Captured Santa Claus" captures the wonder and joy of the holiday season. Readers will be transported to a world where the magic of Christmas comes alive, reminding us of the importance of love, compassion, and spreading cheer to others.

Join the children on this whimsical journey as they learn the true meaning of Christmas and experience the transformative power of Santa's wisdom."

ISBN-13: 9781835523308

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Intel Premium Book

Publication Date: 12-08-2023

Pages: 62

Product Dimensions: 11.00h x 8.50w x 0.13d