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The Daughters of the Earth

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Fight your darkness. Or embrace it.

Reborn. Otylia's time in Nawia granted her great power and even greater questions. After years of following her goddesses' commands, her path is now her own. But she doubts her decisions at every turn.

She'd anticipated her return home for a moon, but this strange land where desert and winter clash is no more familiar than the kingdom of the dead. Conquered and enslaved by Marzanna's Frostmarked, these people see her as their only hope. How can she trust herself to save them, though, when she can't even protect the boy she loves?

Corrupted. Struggling against the demon's growing strength, Waclaw knows he fights a war he cannot win. His soul is gone, and his hope vanished with it.

All that holds back the darkness is his bond with Otylia, but he senses her fear of what he's become. He isn't the same boy who left Dwie Rzeki moons ago. To free the people of this new land from Marzanna, he needs his power more than ever. But as the demon's hunger grows, will he resist its temptations or surrender to the rage within?

Travel to distant lands and face the dark heart of Slavic myths as The Frostmarked Chronicles continue after the shocking conclusion to The Trials of Ascension.

ISBN-13: 9781954985032

Media Type: Hardcover

Publisher: Eight-One-Five Publishing

Publication Date: 10-29-2022

Pages: 530

Product Dimensions: 8.50h x 5.50w x 1.31d

Series: The Frostmarked Chronicles