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The Pan American Imagination: Contested Visions of the Hemisphere in Twentieth-Century Literature

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In the history of the early twentieth-century Americas, visions of hemispheric unity flourished, and the notion of a transnational American identity was embraced by artists, intellectuals, and government institutions. In The Pan American Imagination, Stephen Park explores the work of several Pan American modernists who challenged the body of knowledge being produced about Latin America, crossing the disciplinary boundaries of academia as well as the formal boundaries of artistic expression—from literary texts and travel writing to photography, painting, and dance. Park invests in an interdisciplinary approach, which he frames as a politically resistant intellectual practice, using it not only to examine the historical phenomenon of Pan Americanism but also to explore the implications for current transnational scholarship.

ISBN-13: 9780813936666

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

Publication Date: 12-15-2014

Pages: 288

Product Dimensions: 8.80(w) x 5.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Age Range: 18 Years

Series: New World Studies

Stephen M. Park is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Texas at Brownsville.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction: A History of an Idea and Its Institutions 1

Hemispheric Identity and the Uses of Indigenous Culture

1 Mesoamerican Modernism: William Carlos Williams and the Archaeological Imagination 19

2 Hemispheric Mythologies: Rethinking the History of the Americas through Simón Bolívar and Quetzalcoatl 55

Cuba, Race, and Modernity

3 Academic Discourse at Havana: Pan American Eugenics and Transnational Capital in Alejo Carpentier's ¡Écue-Yamba-Ó! 91

4 Pan American Progress: The Crime of Cuba, Economic Development, and Representations of the "South" 126

Women, Migration, and Memories of Pan Americanism

5 Pan Americanism Revisited: Hemispheric Feminism and Ana Castillo's The Mixqutahuala Letters 159

6 Decolonizing the Dance: Katherine Dunham's Transnational Approach to Anthropology and Performance in Haiti 190

Epilogue: Singularity, Multiplicity, and Pan American Unity 221

Notes 233

Bibliography 253

Index 267