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Things I'll Never forget: Memories of a Marine in Viet Nam

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Things I'll never forget is the story of a young high school graduate in 1965 who faces being drafted into the Army or volunteering for the Marine Corps. These are his memories of funny times, disgusting times and deadly times. The author kept a journal for an entire year; therefore many of the dates, times and places are accurate. The rest is based on memories that are forever tattooed on his brain. This is not a pro-war book, nor is it anti-war. It is the true story of what the Marine Corps was like in the late 1960's, when the country had a draft and five hundred thousand Americans were serving one year tours in battle-torn South East Asia. If you served in Viet Nam you will want to compare your experience with the author's. If you know someone who went to Viet Nam, you will want to read for yourself what it was like. If you lost a loved one or friend in the war, you will want to read this and share it with others.

ISBN-13: 9781533480095

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: 07-22-2016

Pages: 324

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James M. Dixon is a former Marine, Viet Nam Veteran and retired Jr. High School teacher who taught and coached for 28 years. He has lived with his memories of being an infantry rifleman and his 13 month tour, for 50 years. The memories of the men he knew and their heroism have stayed a part of his personality and sharing these stories has helped him and hopefully will help the readers understand those memories.