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Trails of Betrayals in south Sudan's Power Struggle

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The Trails of Betrayals in South Sudan's Power Struggle by Gen. Stephen Buoy Rolnyang is first-hand account of Gen. Stephen Buoy Rolnyang in the liberation of South Sudan. Although the book begins with the authors childhood and covers in great detail the history of the Sudanese Civil War and the Sudan's Peoples Liberation Movement, this book for the most part provides the Generals own first-hand experiences in relation to the liberation. Essentially, this memoir is a token of appreciation from the author to his comrades and all the heroes that fought for the liberation movement in South Sudan, from the author's region of the Upper West Nile.

The book is aptly divided into three parts each chronicling a different period of relevance for the author. The book begins with Gen. Stephen Buoy Rolnyang's giving us a thorough walkthrough of his lineage, childhood and upbringing in the Upper West Nile Region. This sets a tone and provides a rich background for the reader to understand the importance of historical, cultural and political elements that the author grew up with that would ultimately influence him as an adult and successful military leader. Hailing from the Bul-Nuer Tribe in the Upper West Nile region, Gen. Buoy details his early and formative years being raised by his maternal grandmother and later on his stepbrothers as he was orphaned at a young age.

As the author progresses, it is evident that the values, traditions and practices of the Bul Nuer tribe played an important role in the author's life. He dedicates a large portion of this work, illustrating in great depth, the ceremonies, history, traditions, politics and militia and its relevance to the Sudanese Liberation Movement. In addition to the in-depth introduction regarding his ancestry, Gen. Buoy provides a detailed outline of the Sudanese Civil Wars, their outcomes, their victories and their failures. Detailing a comprehensive breakdown of the First Sudanese Civil War in 1955, leading up to the Liberation of South Sudan in 2013, the aftermath following the Liberation and the author's most recent experiences as of the year 2021. The main thesis of this book is the liberation of South Sudan, this book provides an intricate and robust review of the history of Sudan whilst perfectly incorporating tribal and cultural significances relevant to the Sudanese Civil Wars and the political instability that ultimately led to the liberation of South Sudan. Each part of the book is equally intriguing and demonstrates with ease the complex yet the riveting history of Sudan.

ISBN-13: 9780645452952

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Africa World Books Pty Ltd

Publication Date: 04-29-2022

Pages: 218

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