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TRAVELIN' MAN Across the Sahara and Beyond: 8 Countries, 2 Continents...1 Pair of Pants

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Dennis Feeheley is a 19 year-old teenager with a youthful dream to explore the world when he sets out with his brother John on an ill-advised, but incredible adventure to The Sahara Desert and beyond.... The year is 1977. It is long before the internet, cell phones, fax machines or ATMs. Much of the world is truly a mysterious place when the young brothers meet up in London to travel across Western Europe before crossing the Mediterranean Sea, and trekking across part of the Sahara Desert in Africa, and then back to London - All on $6 a day.... 'Travelin Man' is a true story bursting with adventure, heart-stopping action, unexpected humor, keen insights into Muslim culture, and a vivid portrayal of perseverance over adversity. With no maps, little planning, and less money; a fateful decision is made that sets the brothers off on the adventure of a lifetime.... Midway through the journey after stowing away on a ship across the Mediterranean Sea, the young brothers get lost out in the vast Sahara and desperately run out of money. Yet they must still somehow make it through a dangerous guerilla checkpoint and cross a closed Algerian-Moroccan border. An underlying tension builds to the final, frantic minutes and a harrowing decision that could change one of the brother's lives forever.... Throughout the compelling story, the will and determination of the human spirit shines. The brothers use their wits and nerve to overcome many dangerous obstacles with a good natured, but relentless do or die attitude. Although they make a truckload of mistakes, with youthful optimism and determination they just grit it out and do what they have got to do.... During their adventure they hide on trains; travel by foot, tractor, camel and hitch-hike over 1,000 miles through The Sahara Desert. They also experience traditional Muslim culture in the remote villages of the Sahara where, with few exceptions, they are treated with great kindness. An array of fascinating characters cross the tr

ISBN-13: 9780578134192

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Parkhampton Press

Publication Date: 01-18-2014

Pages: 352

Product Dimensions: 9.21h x 6.14w x 0.73d

Dennis D. Feeheley has traveled to 50 countries around the world, including rugged travel to 30 countries before the age of 21, while studying and playing rugby at Oxford University. He has worked on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, been CEO of an international company and lived 20 years overseas. He lives with his wife and daughter in the U.S.