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Traveling While Black and Lesbian: Twbl

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Traveling While Black And Lesbian is a raw and honest story about a queer, black woman's journey around the world and her struggle to navigate it as her authentic self. Khanyisa begins this "tell all" by bringing us into her childhood. She transports us to her life as a little girl growing up poor in rural South Africa, being the first generation of black children to live in post-apartheid South Africa, her conflict with her sexual identity and religion, her battle with depression and loss.

As a traveler that is queer, black and female - Khanyisa has experienced the complexities of negotiating ones different identities in different parts of the world. We watch her come out of the closet in South Korea, find deep connections with her Muslim friends in Malaysia, walk in spiritual presence at the Mayan ruins in Guatemala, and so much more. Khanyisa also brings into her intimate relationships - we bear witness to her falling in love, getting her heartbroken and picking up the pieces. This is a true testimony of triumph, human connection, and the return to oneself.

In this memoir, we learn the true power that lies within each of us when we finally begin to embrace our true and authentic selves.

ISBN-13: 9780620823296

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: National Library of South Africa

Publication Date: 12-20-2018

Pages: 198

Product Dimensions: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.42d