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Where's Rodney?

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A Black boy’s transformative day out in nature, recommended by Social Justice Books and We Are Kid Lit Collective

Rodney is that kid who just can’t sit still. He's inside, but he wants to be outside. Outside is where Rodney always wants to be. Between school and home, there is a park. He knows all about that park. It’s that triangle-shaped place with the yellow grass and two benches where grown-ups sit around all day. Besides, his momma said to stay away from that park. When Rodney finally gets a chance to go to a real park, with plenty of room to run and climb and shout, and to just be himself, he will never be the same.

ISBN-13: 9781930238732

Media Type: Hardcover

Publisher: Yosemite Conservancy

Publication Date: 08-07-2017

Pages: 32

Product Dimensions: 9.10(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.40(d)

Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

Carmen Bogan is the author of the picture book, Granny, Who Is God? She is a member of the Oakland Literacy Coalition and is a writing coach for children and youth. Where’s Rodney? grew out of her experience working with nonprofit organizations supporting public health through outdoor experiences for low-income children. Carmen has two daughters, Erin Danielle and Natalie Quinn, and lives in Oakland, California, with her husband, Willie. Floyd Cooper has illustrated more than one hundred books for children. He received the Coretta Scott King Award for his illustrations in The Blacker the Berry and three Coretta Scott King Honors for his illustrations in Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea, I Have Heard of a Land, and Meet Danitra Brown. He lives in Easton, Pennsylvania, with his growing family: Velma, Kai, Dayton, Melissa, and grandson, Niko.

Read an Excerpt

"Rodney! Where is Rodney?"
Once again Rodney wasn’t in his seat, and Miss Garcia had had enough.
But Rodney had interesting things to do. Like watch a big black bird soar over the cafeteria that smelled like yesterday’s lunch. Or catch a tiny pill bug creeping across the windowsill. He stood on his tippy toes to find the stray dog that bullied the neighborhood. Rodney was inside, but he wanted to be outside. Outside was where Rodney always wanted to be.
Miss Garcia let out a long, deep breath. She stepped behind Rodney and tapped him on the shoulder. “Rodney, join the class. The word of the week is majestic,” Miss Garcia said. “Ma-jes-tic. Can you tell us what it means?”
Rodney looked around the classroom. There were a million eyes looking back.
Miss Garcia took another deep breath. Rodney balanced on one foot like a pink flamingo. Sue Lin giggled and covered her mouth. Then he hopped into the air like a cricket. Coty chuckled. Then Rodney stretched out his arms like an eagle soaring high above the...
“Sit down, Rodney!” Miss Garcia said. The whole class roared with laughter.
“Okay. Majestic means grand and beautiful. Rodney, if you can’t do your work you won’t be able to go on the field trip to the park on Friday."
But Rodney didn’t care. He knew all about the park. It was a small, triangle-shaped patch of yellow grass next to the corner store and the bus stop. It had one large cardboard trash can and two benches where some grownups sat all day long. Yes, Rodney knew the park well. Anyway, Momma said to stay far away from that park!

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“This exquisitely written and illustrated story allows us to journey into nature and into reverence in order to discover where and who we are. There is a little bit of Rodney in each of us really; his story helps us reclaim the healing power of nature.”

Nooshin Razani, MD MPH
Director, Center for Nature and Health
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland