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White Supremacy Is All Around: Notes from a Black Disabled Woman in a White World

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Founder of consulting firm ChangeCadet Akilah Cadet shares a narrative that tackles what happened (and what didn't) after "the summer of allyship" and what we need to do now about dismantling white supremacy.​

This is the story of how I became an unapologetic Black disabled woman in a white world. There are plenty books about what white people should do but it's time to put those learned skills to the test by reading my story. It's not enough to just keep talking about it; it's time to develop compassion and empathy to continue to do the work. There are books sharing the historical context of white supremacy, providing tips on how to be an ally or anti-racist, and firsthand experiences from Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). I want to create the conversation that leads to real change through my story. And I know that I can, because I've been doing it on a smaller scale already through workshops, consulting for clients, and through endless conversations. This book is for the Black woman who is looking to been seen in shared lived experience. It is for the white person who is immersing themselves in the community they want to advocate for. It is for anyone who understands that learning and unlearning is lifelong.

White Supremacy Is All Around arrives as the U.S.'s ongoing racial reckoning has left readers searching for voices they can trust. BIPOC and other intentionally ignored Americans want to feel heard and empowered; organization leaders and allies invested in dismantling white supremacy want a framework for how best to contribute. Dr. Akilah Cadet speaks to all these needs, drawing from her life experiences and work helping leading brands build inclusive and equitable cultures to offer an informed perspective that prioritizes intersectionality. In a series of personal stories told with candor and wit, Dr. Cadet explores the long-term work required to combat structural oppression from her unique vantage point as a Black disabled woman. She tackles everything: from the 2020 "summer of allyship" and depression caused by workplace discrimination to navigating disability and building a consulting business, all with a little inspo from Beyoncé.

A powerful call for true accompliceship for non-Black people, and a way for Black people to see and celebrate themselves. White Supremacy Is All Around ushers in a new voice that is timely, urgent, and essential--and a vision we all need now.

ISBN-13: 9780306831034

Media Type: Hardcover

Publisher: Hachette Go

Publication Date: 02-06-2024

Pages: 272