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You Got Anything Stronger?: Stories

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You Got Anything Stronger? continues the project of unshackling. It’s soul-baring work.” - The Washington Post

So. Where were we? Right, you and I left off in October 2017.

When I released We’re Going to Need More Wine, the response was so great people asked when I would do a sequel. Frankly, after being so open and honest in my writing, I wasn’t sure there was more of me I was ready to share. But life happens with all its plot twists. And new stories demand to be told.

A lot has changed in four years—I became a mom to two amazing girls. My husband retired. My career has expanded so that I have the opportunity to lift up other voices that need to be heard. But the world has also shown us that we have a lot we still have to fight for—as women, as black women, as mothers, as aging women, as human beings, as friends. In You Got Anything Stronger?, I show you how this ever-changing life presents challenges, even as it gives me moments of pure joy. I take you on a girl’s night at Chateau Marmont, and I also talk to Isis, my character from Bring It On. For the first time, I truly open up about my surrogacy journey and the birth of Kaavia James Union Wade. And I take on racist institutions and practices in the entertainment industry, asking for equality and real accountability. You Got Anything Stronger? is me at my most vulnerable.

ISBN-13: 9780062979940

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Date: 12-06-2022

Pages: 272

Product Dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.90(d)

Gabrielle Union is an actress, executive producer, activist, best-selling author and most recently, a Time100 cover honoree. Union formed her production shingle “I’ll Have Another” in 2018 with the goal of telling stories that center marginalized communities with their specific point of views in an authentic manner. In August of 2020, she relaunched her haircare brand “Flawless by Gabrielle Union” for women with textured hair. The new and improved collection includes an array of options, affordably priced between $4 - $10, that empowers consumers to customize a regimen specific to their texture and style preferences. Prior to relaunching Flawless, Union learned of the disparities in the food space and joined Bitsy's as a cofounder with the goal of making healthy, allergen- friendly, school-safe snacks that are accessible and affordable for all families regardless of their socioeconomic or geographical status. Her first book, We’re Going To Need More Wine: Stories That Are Funny, Complicated and True, was released in 2017 and instantly became a New York Times best seller. Union serves as a leader and advocate for inclusion in the entertainment industry. She is also a champion of breast health and combating sexual violence.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

1 Loved Even as a Thought 1

2 Dream Team 39

3 Embrace Your Kryptonite 53

4 On the Compassion of Strippers 61

5 Good Soldiers 69

6 Zaya 79

7 Freshman Orientation 93

8 The Audacity of aging (with Hope) 105

9 Into the Matrix 115

10 Fuck Balance 121

11 Dance Battle 131

12 Power in Numbers 141

13 Thanksgiving 147

14 The Golden Lady of L.A. 157

15 Dear ISIS 163

16 Escape from King's Landing 177

17 How to Pitch Your Life 191

18 The Voice of Wisdom 199

19 Don't Worry, Mommy 209

20 Standards and Practices: A Tragedy in Three Acts 215

21 Oh, One More Thing 239

22 Postcard from the Vortex 241

Acknowledgments 253