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60 Second Genius: History: Bite-Size Facts to Make Learning Fun and Fast

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Learn everything about key history topics in 60 seconds!

This book is packed with essential info from prehistory to the present day, broken down into fun, fascinating bite-size facts. Key events and individuals are clearly explained using colorful graphics and easy-to-follow text, plus easy-to-understand overviews of important historical periods. There's even a pullout wallchart to record readers' progress in each subject.

It's the ideal way to go from newcomer to know-it-all in record time!

Topics include the stone age, ancient cultures, the medieval world, the modern age, and today's world. Information includes everything from stone age tools and the Mongol empire to the Atlantic slave trade and the fight against climate change.

What is History?

History is the story of how humans evolved on this planet and then spread to almost every corner of it, developing a wide range of groups and societies. Over thousands of years, these groups have grown, shrunk, and disappeared completely, or they have come into contact with one another, sometimes violently and with disastrous consequences.

As a result, we often only get to know about one side of history--the side written by the winners. Uncovering the story of those who have been defeated usually takes a lot of painstaking research by archaeologists and historians, but it is the only way to get both sides of the story, and understand our world.

ISBN-13: 9781783127122

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Welbeck Children's

Publication Date: 10-19-2021

Pages: 128

Product Dimensions: 9.50h x 7.30w x 0.90d

Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

Series: 60 Second Genius