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Badass Black Girl: Quotes, Questions, and Affirmations for Teens (Gift for teenage girl)

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A Daily Dose of Affirmations Celebrating Black Joy for Teen Girls (Ages 12-16)

“This book is a celebration, an affirmation, a history text, a little bit of memoir, and an exuberant prayer for the prosperity of Black women.”―Ashley M. Jones, author of Magic City Gospel

Publishers Weekly Select Title for Young Readers
2021 In the Margins Book Award Winner, Top Title for YA Nonfiction
#1 Best Seller and Gift Idea in Teen & Young Adult Cultural Heritage Biographies

Affirmations for strong, fearless Black girls. Wisdom from Badass Black female trailblazers who accomplished remarkable things in literature, entertainment, STEM, politics and law, sports and more.

Explore the many facets of your identity through hundreds of big and small questions. In this affirmations book created for Black girls, M.J. Fievre tackles topics such as family and friends, school and careers, body image, and stereotypes. By reflecting on these themes, you confront the issues that can hold you back from discovering your inner Black joy.

Embrace authenticity and celebrate who you are. Finding the courage to live as you are is not easy, so here’s a book designed to help you nurture creativity and positive self-awareness.

Change the way you view the world. This affirmations book provides words of encouragement focused on Black joy to inspire and ignite discussion. You are growing up in a world that tries to tell you how to look and act. Fight the flow and determine for yourself who you want to be.

Badass Black Girl helps you to:

  • Build and boost your self-esteem with powerful, positive affirmations
  • Learn more about yourself through insightful journaling prompts
  • Become confident in your authentic Black girl self

If books for teens like Black Girl, White School; This Book is Antiracist or Well-Read Black Girl have interested you, then Badass Black Girl should be the next book you read. Also, be sure to check out M.J. Fievre’s Empowered Black Girl (2021) and Resilient Black Girl (2021)!

ISBN-13: 9781642501728

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Mango

Publication Date: 01-14-2020

Pages: 208

Product Dimensions: 8.30(w) x 5.50(h) x 0.50(d)

Age Range: 12 - 16 Years

Series: Badass Black Girl

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, M.J. Fievre moved to the United States in 2002. She currently writes from Miami. M.J.’s publishing career began as a teenager in Haiti. At nineteen years-old, she signed her first book contract with Hachette-Deschamps, in Haiti, for the publication of a Young Adult book titled La Statuette Maléfique. Since then, M.J. has authored nine books in French that are widely read in Europe and the French Antilles. In 2013, One Moore Book released M.J.’s first children’s book, I Am Riding, written in three languages: English, French, and Haitian Creole. In 2015, Beating Windward Press published M.J.’s memoir, A Sky the Color of Chaos, about her childhood in Haiti during the brutal regime of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Her latest book, Happy, Okay?: Poems about Anxiety, Depression, Hope, and Survival is scheduled for publication in December of 2019 by Books & Books Press, an imprint of Mango Publishing. Another book, Badass Black Girl is scheduled for publication in 2020. A long-time educator and frequent keynote speaker (Tufts University, Massachusetts; Howard University, Washington, D.C.; the Universityof Miami, Florida; and Michael College, Vermont; and a panelist at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference, AWP), M.J. is available for book club meetings, podcast presentations, interviews and other author events. You can learn more about her and her work at her website:

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From the Publisher

"You'll come away from Badass Black Girl feeling as if you've known the author your entire life, and it's a rare feat for any writer." ―"Mike, the Poet," author of Dear Woman and The Boyfriend Book.

“Protecting our young Black women and femme-identifying youth is so important―M.J. Fievre lays this out with grace, care, and the most powerful love in the phenomenal Badass Black Girl. So often, our society tells us that we’re so strong, so resilient, so able to fix everyone else’s world―this book reveals the truth: Black women/femme-identifying people are just as tender, just as in need of affirmation and praise, just as worthy of an embrace from self and from those around us. This book is a celebration, an affirmation, a history text, a little bit of memoir, and an exuberant prayer for the prosperity of Black women.” ―Ashley M. Jones, author of Magic City Gospel

Badass Black Girl is the big hug you need. M.J. Fievre’s newest work is a glorious love letter to the Black women who have shaped and loved us, to our griots and groundbreakers. Within these pages, Fievre celebrates Black girls in all of their power, vulnerability, and beauty and offers instructions for self-love, taking responsibility, creating art, and expressing gratitude. I wish I had this book when I was younger, and I’m happy I have it now.” ―Jennifer Maritza McCauley, author of SCAR ON/SCAR OFF

Table of Contents

You Are a True Warrior 12

You Have a Lot Going for You 14

Yeah…You're Awesome! 17

One, Two, Three…Yoio! 20

Easy Enough? 22

What You're Up Against 25

8 Badass Trailblazers in Entertainment (1900-1969) 26

What Are You Doing Well? 30

What You're Up Against 34

9 Badass Trailblazers in Politics and Law (1930-1979) 35

What Have You Done Well in the Past? 38

What You're Up Against 40

9 Badass Trailblazers in STEM 42

Some Introspection 44

Change the Point of View 47

Think About It 49

Reverse the Tread 51

What You're Up Against 53

10 Badass Trailblazers in Sports 54

When It Rains, It Pours: Other Strategies to Discover Your Talents 58

What You're Up Against 60

5 Badass Trailblazers in Spirituality 61

More of These Strategies 63

What You're Up Against 65

7 Badass Trailblazers on the Road and in the Air 66

Wonder. Ask. About Big Things. About Little Things. 68

What You're Up Against 70

8 (More) Badass Trailblazers in Entertainment (1970-1989) 71

Do Away with Fear 73

10 Tips for Overcoming Fear 78

What You're Up Against 81

Think About It! 82

9 (More) Badass Trailblazers in Politics and Law(1980-2009) 83

What You Could Do Next 85

Project Yourself in the Future 87

What You're Up Against 90

6 (More) Badass Trailblazers in Entertainment (1990-2009) 91

Keep an Open Mind 93

Create Your Own Experience 96

Think About It 98

What You're Up Against 100

30 Days of Purpose 101

5 Badass Trailblazers in Literature 105

Go Be Brilliant! 107

What You're Up Against 109

7 Badass Trailblazers in Education 110

Embrace Your Imperfection 112

What You're Up Against 117

7 Badass Trailblazers in the Military and Government Services 119

Use Your Mistakes to Grow and Flourish 121

Narcissist Much? 123

Think About It: Where Are You Now? 125

What You're Up Against 128

4 Badass Trailblazer Activists 130

You Rock on a Phenomenal Level 131

How to Embrace Your Imperfection 133

What You're Up Against 138

3 (More) Badass Trailblazers in Entertainment (2000-Now) 140

The Badass Black Girl's Movie List 141

Come as You Are 142

Focus Your Attention 143

What You're Up Against 146

Reasons to Love Being a Black Girl 147

The Beauty of Just Being You 150

An Exercise in Self-Acceptance 151

What You're Up Against 155

15 Upbeat Songs for Blue Days 157

6 (More) Badass Black Women in STEM 158

Focus on the Positive 159

What You're Up Against 166

The Badass Black Girl Playlist 167

6 (More) Badass Trailblazers in Politics and Law (2010-NOW) 171

Think About It 172

Do Not Underestimate Your Ability to Bounce Back 174

What You're Up Against 177

3 Badass Trailblazers in Business 180

How to Bounce Back 182

Turn Your Setbacks into Success 185

What Are You Up Against? 190

Think About It: Are You Too Woke? 191

Practice Gratitude 193

30 Days of Gratitude 201

Life Is Pretty Badass 204

About the Author 205