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Bamboozled By Jesus: How God Tricked Me into the Life of My Dreams

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Thriving stand-up comic and actress Yvonne Orji—best known as Issa Rae's BFF on the HBO series, Insecure—shares the secrets to living the life of your dreams.

Yvonne Orji has never shied away from being unapologetically herself, and that includes being outspoken about her faith. Known for interpreting Biblical stories and metaphors to fit current times, her humorous and accessible approach to faith leaves even non-believers inspired and wanting more.

The way Yvonne sees it, God is a Sovereign Prankster, punking folks long before Ashton Kutcher made it cool. When she meditates on her own life—complete with unforeseen blessings and unanticipated roadblocks—she realizes it’s one big testimony to how God tricked her into living out her wildest dreams. And she wants us to join in on getting bamboozled. This is not a Self-Help book—it’s a Get Yours book!

In Bamboozled by Jesus, a frank and fresh advice book, Orji takes readers on a journey through twenty-five life lessons, gleaned from her own experiences and her favorite source of inspiration: the Bible. But this ain’t your mama’s Bible study. Yvonne infuses wit and heart in sharing pointers like why the way up is sometimes down, and how fear is synonymous to food poisoning. Her joyful, confident approach to God will inspire everyone to catapult themselves out of the mundane and into the magnificent.

With bold authenticity and practical relatability, Orji is exactly the kind of cultural leader we need in these chaotic times. And her journey through being Bamboozled by Jesus paints a powerful picture of what it means to say “yes” to a life you never could’ve imagined—if it wasn’t your own.

ISBN-13: 9781546012689

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Worthy

Publication Date: 09-12-2023

Pages: 304

Product Dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x (d)

Yvonne Orji is an Emmy-nominated Nigerian-American actress, writer and comedian. A failed doctor (blame organic chemistry), Yvonne took to comedy after needing a talent for a beauty pageant. Now, she entertains international audiences, as can be seen in her one-hour HBO comedy special, Momma, I Made It! A sought after speaker, she’s given the opening keynote at the Forbes’ Under 30 Summit, and her TEDx talk, “The Wait Is Sexy,” has garnered over a million views. Her breakout TV role was playing Molly on HBO’s hit show Insecure. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Connect with Yvonne on Twitter and Instagram: @YvonneOrji.

Table of Contents

In the Beginning xi

Introduction: The Do's and Don'ts of Getting Bamboozled 1

Part I The Burden

1 I Am What I Am 19

2 Play Yo' Position 29

3 Get'chya Mind Right 39

4 I Said It, I Meant It, I'm Here to Represent It! 49

5 Faith It 'Til You Make It 58

6 Pressure Bursts Pipes, but Also Makes Diamonds 67

Part II The Building

7 Miracles Don't Make Reservations 77

8 If You Stay Ready, You Ain't Gotta Get Ready 91

9 Let God, God 104

10 I Swear to God 110

11 Fear Is Food Poisoning, but Regret Is Herpes 118

Part III The Breakthrough

12 I May Not Win, but I Always Win 131

13 The Way Up Is Down 140

14 Your Working of It Doesn't Make You More Worthy of It 149

15 Put Me In, Coach 160

16 Focus on Your Focus 167

Part IV The Booked, Blessed, and Busy

17 Don't Let Your Talent Write a Check Your Character Can't Cash 181

18 Bentleys Don't Go on Sale 191

19 Give God a Big Bag to Fill 198

20 Don't Put a Period Where God Put a Comma 209

Part V The Bonus

21 Can't Wear a Crown with Your Head Down 217

22 Your Haters Gon' Be Your Elevators 223

23 Here We Grow Again 229

24 Beyond the Bamboozlement 238

Bamboozled Beliefs 245

Acknowledgments 248