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Birthing Strength

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Marilyn is sixty years old and well past the normal child-bearing years. She has been married a number of times, had a family, and yet finds herself with no partner late in life. Ralph, her childhood friend and sometimes lover, introduces her to Mr. Drop-dead gorgeous. Life choices, with few prospects, is looking up. The unimaginable happened to the country, and she chooses to become pregnant again. She hopes to help repopulate the country with precious children, especially to save our failing race. She volunteered to do the best she can to guide them as a state-supported surrogate. Definitely not some mega healthy, perfect body workout nut--significantly overweight, with both asthma and diabetes, yet six months pregnant with African American children. To add to this situation, her eighty-five-year-old mother is also pregnant. This is not the unusual part of the story, here in the year 2030. The unusual part is her family is the extreme minority and are endangered. The African American population were just a couple of hundred thousands over the almost extinct Native Americans. How did we get here? Ten years ago, we were doing well, as far as our population was concerned, then a perfect storm of greed and mistrust almost wiped out the descendants of Africans in the country. Do I have the strength, with my fellow of the Generation X's and Baby Boomers, to fight to save the nation?

ISBN-13: 9798218141189

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Margaret Chase

Publication Date: 05-15-2023

Pages: 242

Product Dimensions: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.51d

Series: 1