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Firefly meets Guardians of the Galaxy in this fast-paced space-opera/cyberpunk adventure featuring queer teens in space fighting back against oppression.

Helios 2 in infamous for being an inescapable prison. Those who come here, die here. But Malek has bigger dreams for himself and his friends: get their own ship and fly free amongst the stars as outlaws and salvagers, like his mother once did. He's lost everything once and isn't about to let the prison colony take anymore from him.

When his escape attempt coincides with an alien force attacking the facility, his and his friends' chances of success increase, but only if they can ally forces with the mysterious alien girl who seems to be the reason for the attack. The girl whose power is like nothing they've ever seen. And who seems very keen to get away from her rescuers.

Eden One was meant to be a new heaven for a group of people fleeing Earth in a generation ship centuries ago. And maybe to some it is. But to Trystan, who grew up with a different name and a body he's never fit into, Eden One is hell, a place where ideas and policies that had once been outdated on Earth are now back to being the norm.

With only his uncle knowing his secret, Tryst has been dealing with his identity as best he can. Now he has an android of the right gender he can remotely take control of, to exist in the world in a body he doesn't hate anymore. Only what was supposed to be his partial salvation instead allows him to stumble onto the experiments his uncle is being forced to conduct, and the alien race at the centre of them. Now Tryst has to choose: pretend as though he knows nothing, or stand up against everything that is wrong?

Kirillion has been Làhn's home for as long as he remembers. Adopted by the Guild and growing up with Kode as his best friend, he never wondered about the parts of his past he doesn't remember. But when a simple job goes spectacularly wrong, Làhn is forced to flee the one place he felt like he belonged in.

Now adrift, he has to figure out what to do with himself. With Kode by his side, he makes the decision to seek out someone who would be willing to take him to the coordinates tattooed on his wrist, to the place he most likely originates from. But Làhn is short on money and full on trouble with an elite mercenary group on his tail, and he's going to need allies if he's going to make it through.

ISBN-13: 9781739262501

Media Type: Hardcover

Publisher: Alek L. Cristea

Publication Date: 02-21-2023

Pages: 410

Product Dimensions: 9.00h x 6.00w x 1.06d

Series: The Altayih Chronicles