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Dream Drawings: Configurations of a Timeless Kind

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“[Momaday] must be ranked among the greatest of our contemporary writers.”—American Scholar

"Momaday’s poems are rich with description, lush with dreaming, and filled with magic." — Library Journal (starred review)

From Pulitzer Prize winner and revered literary master N. Scott Momaday, a beautiful and enchanting new poetry collection, at once a celebration of language, imagination, and the human spirit.

“Language and the imagination work hand in hand, and together they enable us to reveal us to ourselves in story. That is indeed a magical process. . . . We imagine and we dream, and we translate our dreams into language.” —from the Preface

A singular voice in American letters, Momaday’s love of language and storytelling are on full display in this brilliant new collection comprising one hundred sketches or “dream drawings”—furnishings of the mind—as he calls them. Influenced by his Native American heritage and its oral storytelling traditions, here are prose poems about nature, animals, warriors, and hunters, as well as meditations that explore themes of love, loss, time, and memory. Each piece, full of wisdom and wonder, showcases Momaday’s extraordinary lyrical talent, the breadth of his imagination, and the transformative power of his writing. Dream Drawings is also illustrated with a selection of black-and-white paintings by Momaday that capture the spirit of his prose.

Poignant, inspired, and timeless, this is a collection that will nourish the soul.

ISBN-13: 9780063218116

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Date: 05-03-2022

Pages: 128

Product Dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.40(d)

N. Scott Momaday is an internationally renowned poet, novelist, artist, teacher, and storyteller whose works celebrate and preserve Native American heritage. He won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel House Made of Dawn and is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the Academy of American Poets Prize, the National Medal of Arts, the Ken Burns American Heritage Prize, the Dayton Literary Peace Prize Foundation's Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award, and the 2021 Frost Medal for distinguished lifetime achievement in poetry. A longtime professor of English and American literature, Momaday earned his PhD from Stanford University and retired as Regents Professor at the University of Arizona. He lives in New Mexico.

Table of Contents

Preface xv

The Original Storyteller 1

On Dreaming 2

Centaur 3

To Hold the Sun 4

The Scop 5

The Spiritual Gravity of Place 6

The Realization of Nothing 7

Guests 8

The Moonlight Passage 9

The Speech 10

To Mrs. Charles T. Bucket of Greenfield, Massachusetts 11

The Visitors 12

The Capture 13

The Close 14

The Dark Amusement of Bears 15

The Shadow of a Name 16

Landscape with Clouds 17

The Birthright 18

A Mantra 19

Observations 20

Ownership 21

Song of the Journey 23

Configurations of a Timeless Kind 24

Beat the Drum Slowly 25

Dreaming Bear Speaks 26

Merger 27

Time and Essence 28

Chivalry 29

The Night Dance 30

A Spell for Setting Out 31

An Act of Mercy 31

The Woman Who Held Sway 33

To Speak of Nothing 34

The Mask 35

The Hollow Log 37

In the Telling 38

The Woman at the Glass Door 39

On the Imagination 40

Passage 41

The Shield that Came Home 42

The Zebra Report 43

The Marrowbone Manuscript 44

A Profound Evasion 45

Witches 46

The Ice Woman 47

The Visions of Stone Carrier 48

Pai-Mahtone 49

The Shape Shifter 50

Belief 51

On Horseback he Sings 52

The Instrument 53

Alexander and Bucephalus 54

The Poet's Muse 55

The Hat 56

The Shout 57

The Meadow 58

The Octopus Dreaming 60

Arfig the Witch 61

The Explorer 62

Prints 63

A Dream of Becoming Old 64

A Stroke Upon the Earth 65

Miss O'Keeffe of Abiquiu 67

The Whisperer 67

The Death of Beauty 68

Transparency 69

Shadow 70

Prayer to the Sun 71

Banter 72

The Breath of the Infinite 73

Through a Lens of Cold 74

The Green Stick 75

The Ghost of Adam Meagre 77

Confusion 78

The Intruder 79

To a Child this Gift 80

The Tyranny of Time 81

Blood Memory 82

Imposture 83

Handprints 84

The Portrait of Spencer Kohl 85

Crows 87

The Burning 88

A Stone for Singing 89

One Hunter 90

The Efficacy of Prayer 91

The Ultimate Dream 92

A Moral Equation in Art 93

Forewarned 94

Madness 95

Facets of Discourse 96

Sunrise 97

The Wall 99

A Woman's Voice 100

The Child's Discovery 101

The Griever 102

The Whirlwind 103

The Reading 104

The Piano Teacher 105

World Renewal 106

End Note 107