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Kids on the March: 15 Stories of Speaking Out, Protesting, and Fighting for Justice

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From the March on Washington to March for Our Lives to Black Lives Matter, the powerful stories of kid-led protest in America.

Kids have always been activists. They have even launched movements. Long before they could vote, kids have spoken up, walked out, gone on strike, and marched for racial justice, climate protection, gun control, world peace, and more. 

Kids on the March tells the stories of these protests, from the March of the Mill Children, who walked out of factories in 1903 for a shorter work week, to 1951’s Strike for a Better School, which helped build the case for Brown v. Board of Education, to the twenty-first century’s most iconic movements, including March for Our Lives, the Climate Strike, and the recent Black Lives Matter protests reshaping our nation.

Powerfully told and inspiring, Kids on the March shows how standing up, speaking out, and marching for what you believe in can advance the causes of justice, and that no one is too small or too young to make a difference.

ISBN-13: 9781643751009

Media Type: Hardcover

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

Publication Date: 03-23-2021

Pages: 304

Product Dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

Age Range: 10 - 14 Years

Michael G. Long is the author and editor of many books on civil rights, peaceful protest, and politics. Kids on the March is his first book for younger readers.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Kids on the March viii

Part 1 The Twentieth Century

1903 The March of the Mill Children 2

1932 The Bonus March 16

1951 The Strike for a Better School 36

1963 The Children's Crusade 62

1963 The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom 76

1965 The Fight for Free Speech at School 92

1968 The Student Walkouts of East Los Angeles 108

1981 The Children's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament 130

Part 2 The Twenty-first Century

2012 Justice for Trayvon 148

2016 Running for Water 160

2017 The Women's March 180

2018 The March for Our Lives 192

2019 School Strike 4 Climate 218

2019 Marching for Dreamers 244

2020 The George Floyd Protests 256

Tips for Marching 268

Acknowledgments 274

Notes 275