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midnight & indigo: Twenty-two Speculative Stories by Black Women Writers

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midnight & indigo celebrates Black women writers with this Speculative fiction special issue of their literary journal. From basements to highways, small towns to new worlds, emerging and established storytellers share tales of fear and discovery, redemption, and resistance.

Black girls are disappearing in broad daylight in the woods of Kent County. A new tea shoppe in a gentrifying neighborhood sells a mysterious concoction. French tourists, seeking to get out of New Orleans during a hurricane, encounter a stultified writer. A woman befriends a strange creature in a wishing well off Fordham Road. Consumed by guilt for his war crimes, a soldier volunteers to rebuild an orphanage. A babysitter learns that a father keeps monsters in the basement. What could be scarier than monsters in the basement? A zombie fighter runs into the worst creature imaginable: a teenage boy. Terror ensues as villagers hunt for a witch on the run. A niece makes dresses for her aunt, a singer accused of cannibalism by their church. As a Zambian girl's supernatural powers grow, so do complications with the organization that can help her control them. Radiation levels spike on a dying Earth, and it's only a matter of time until life dies along with it. On Millennium, everything will be okay-right?

...and many more stories.

Contributors include: Kylah Balthazar, Kalynn Bayron, Michele Tracy Berger, Tara Betts, Changu Chiimbwe, Addie Citchens, Jennifer Coley, Tracy Cross, Lyndsey Ellis, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Taliyah Jarrett, Silk Jazmyne, Michelle Renee Lane, Candice Lola, Joy Mona , Cheree' Noel, Endria Richardson, Ravynn K. Stringfield, Malissa White, Kanyla Wilson, Jade T. Woodridge, and Nicole Young.

ISBN-13: 9781732891777

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Midnight & Indigo Publishing

Publication Date: 10-03-2020

Pages: 276

Product Dimensions: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.62d

Small, Ianna a.: - Ianna A. Small is the founder of midnight & indigo Publishing and creator of midnight & indigo, a literary platform dedicated to short stories and narrative essays by Black women writers. m&i is her love letter to women like herself, who long to reach the pinnacle of their purpose. She dreams of one day running midnight & indigo from a lounge chair overlooking the archipelagos of Santorini.