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Of Heart and Stone

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She has a heart of stone.

A heart he is fated by the faeries to break.

Eirwen Blackvein grew up in a dwarven mining camp at the edge of the map. A perfect place to hide an elven princess destined to destroy a queen and save a kingdom at war, as foretold in a seer's magic mirror. Except, Eirwen doesn't know she is the lost princess. Only that she was found as a newborn with her heart carved out. And why she now possesses a heart of stone in her chest.

A heart made from the black stone she mines to power weapons for her realm's king.

The same enchanted stone coveted by a neighboring queen to destroy an entire kingdom.

Eirwen's only desire is to protect her workers. Even if it means kidnapping Lieutenant Prince Florian Halivaard, the youngest son of a warmongering king she discovers half-dead outside of the Dark Forest.

With monarchs from different kingdoms willing to kill for her heart's magic, Eirwen finds herself at the center of a losing battle. Her only chance to protect those she loves and defend her kingdom is to trust her enemy-a prince with haunting silver eyes fated by the faeries to one day meet a heart of stone.

A heart he will break.

OF HEART AND STONE is a young/new adult elven faerie tale fantasy spin on the romantic tale of Snow White, blending faerie magic and pagan ritual with a 1930s-1940s wartime inspired setting. Guaranteed to please readers who love angsty, enemies-to-lovers fated romances, twisted fairy tales, and strong found family themes.

STANDALONE in a connected series / shared world. Books can be read in any order.

Guaranteed happily ever after

ISBN-13: 9781954694088

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Forest Tales Publishing

Publication Date: 08-25-2022

Pages: 482

Product Dimensions: 8.50h x 5.50w x 1.07d