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Pacific Prep: Bloodlines

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BLOODLINES follows three teenagers as they learn what it means to put others above themselves. It is much more than a young adult paranormal novel. It touches upon the world's greatest topics, from the vaults of history to the complexities of love and the reaches of friendship. It argues whether being supernatural is actually "better" than being human.

JACKSON GREEN was looking forward to finishing his senior year at Pacific Prep High School on top, with his best friend by his side. But his life spirals into a world of danger. He quickly discovers that his golden boy days are over, and that reality exists in the supernatural depths of the unknown.

REBECCA RATHBONE returned to the ancient home of her family with a mission to ensure the safety of her clan. She never imagined that she would fall in love. The more she tried to focus, the more she fell for him. For Rebecca, love ends in death.
SCOTT O'BRIEN endured unthinkable tragedy and had no choice but to leave the small town of Pacific, Missouri. But neither time nor distance could undo what had been done. Scott's return to Pacific Prep High School proves that nothing is as it seemed. As he is reunited with his cousin, Jackson Green, Scott quickly discovers that death is the only way to live.

ISBN-13: 9781734965223

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Writer Stain Publishing

Publication Date: 09-20-2020

Pages: 346

Product Dimensions: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.72d

Series: Pacific Prep