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The Echoes of Belecia: Flowers in the Desert

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When Azuki Inoue first got her medallion at the tender age of fifteen, she thought it was the second best to ever happen to her, after her best friend, Hinata Ishihara. She finds new friends in Shin Hirayama, Kayume Suzuki, and Umeko Kodama, each a wielder of a medallion that blesses them with powers unique to each of them and strong enough for them to dream of making change in the world. But it's not the power that she cares for. It's the way the magic flows through Azuki, as natural as breathing, and how happy she feels in her golds and blues, the feeling of belonging she has when she's with her friends. But then one night during the summer she turned sixteen, everything changed. Azuki, her friends, and many others just like them were suddenly taken, kidnapped by a mysterious international organization, and sent to the far-off world where their medallions originated from: Belecia. Now stranded in a vibrant but monster-infested world, Azuki, her friends, and the other medallion holders that come from all over Earth must learn to survive while struggling to discover what tragedies befell the strange other world that feels like home, a place where deserts grow flowers, whales carry stars on their backs, and black mountains scream with the voices of the dead and the damned.

ISBN-13: 9781638813484

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Newman Springs

Publication Date: 04-12-2022

Pages: 356

Product Dimensions: 9.00h x 6.00w x 0.79d