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The Guardian

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ONE OF ONLY TEN HUMANS with dragon magic, seventeen-year-old Alvis Witt is forced to hide his identity as a Talisman Wielder when all he wants is to fight alongside the resistance group, Linless. Then Alvis gets his chance to use his secret magic to rescue the dangerous and notorious dragon, Rae Bremmet, from the country's heavily guarded prison. What seems like a simple mission twists into a series of events that leaves Alvis and Rae with a thirst for revenge for everything their corrupt homeland has stolen from them. But Alvis and Rae can only agree on one thing-they fight best when they fight alone . . .

The Simon Snow Trilogy meets Hunter x Hunter, The Guardian is an earnest yet light-hearted coming of age fantasy of sacrifice, friendship, annoyance-to-lovers, and what it truly means to trust another with your life.

ISBN-13: 9781735848303

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Erin Lee

Publication Date: 04-20-2021

Pages: 410

Product Dimensions: 8.50h x 5.50w x 0.91d

Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

Series: When the Last Dragon Died

Lee, Erin: - Erin Lee grew up in Nebraska and spent her 20s in Los Angeles, where a piece of her heart will always reside. Before becoming an author, Erin worked as a video editor at Disney's Maker Studio and barfed anime feels on her YouTube channel. She still hosts MangaPod, an online manga book club. Erin is also known for her love of all things boba tea, sports anime, Thai dramas, and otters. She lives in Nebraska with her husband, two children, and two doggos.