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The Intrapreneur's Journey: Empowering Employees to Drive Growth

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An essential business guide on how to develop an organization's innovation culture and internal entrepreneurs (intrapreneurs)

The Intrapreneur's Journey: Empowering Employees to Drive Growth is an essential guide on effectively creating and implementing a sustainable culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within organizations. The book is based on the insight that established organizations see continuous delivery of innovative products, services and processes when they enable teams of entrepreneurial employees to think and behave like start-ups.

Three qualities make this book unique. First, it explores the theory and practice of intrapreneurship and innovation with a particular, but not exclusive focus on key issues in African contexts. Second, it includes a large, diverse set of instructive examples and case studies of intrapreneurship and innovation in organizations in Africa. And third, it features a useful toolkit: the Intrapreneurship Empowerment Model, a simple yet complete implementation framework. The book includes key resources of practical, real-world tools and assets used by some of the world's most intrapreneurial and innovative organizations.

The Intrapreneur's Journey adds value for both practitioners and scholars of intrapreneurship and innovation in Africa and other parts of the world.

ISBN-13: 9781776147892

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Wits University Press

Publication Date: 05-01-2023

Pages: 336

Hugh Molotsi (Author)
Hugh Molotsi is Founder and CEO of Ujama, a messaging platform for communities to connect, communicate and collaborate. He worked at Intuit - an American business specialising in financial software from 1983 to 2015 as an innovation leader and was the recipient of their first Founders Innovation Award

Mjumo Mzyece (Author)
Mjumo Mzyece is Associate Professor of Technology & Operations Management at the Wits Business School (WBS) in Johannesburg, South Africa and was previously the director of ICT and Advanced Manufacturing at The Innovation Hub, the innovation agency of the Provincial Government of Gauteng, South Africa.

Ogundiran Soumonni (Author)
Ogundiran (Diran) Soumonni is Senior Lecturer in Innovation Management and Policy at the Wits Business School (WBS) in Johannesburg, South Africa. He serves on the scientific committees of the African Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation and Competence Building Systems (AFRICALICS), and the International Network on Appropriate Technology (INAT).

Jeff Zias (Author)
Jeff Zias is Grassroots Innovation Leader at Intuit, an American business that specialises in financial software. Along with a small team of Intuit change-drivers, he's been at the centre of rolling out 10 per cent Unstructured Time, Design Thinking, Idea Jams, Lean Experimentation, internal incubation and 'Customer Benefits-focus' programmes across the company.