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Thousand Star Hotel

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Thousand Star Hotel confronts the silence around racism, police brutality, and the invisibility of the Asian American urban poor.

From "with thanks to Sahra Nguyen for the refugee style slogan":

They give the kids candy to bet.

My daughter loses the first four rounds,
she's a quiet wire as they take her candy away, piece by piece.
When she finally wins, I ask if she wants to play again.
No! she shouts, grabbing her candy, I want to go home!
True refugee style:
take everything you got and run with it.

Bao Phi is a National Poetry Slam finalist.

ISBN-13: 9781566894708

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Coffee House Press

Publication Date: 07-04-2017

Pages: 112

Product Dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.40(d)

Bao Phi is a multiple Minnesota Grand Slam poetry champ and National Poetry Slam finalist who has been on HBO's Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry and whose work was included in the Best American Poetry anthology of 2006. He is the author of Sông I Sing and is currently the Program Director of the Loft Literary Center.

Table of Contents

Say What 1


Vocabulary 5

Cookies 7

Shell 8

Go to Where the Love Is 9

Lead 11

The Reveal 14

Kids 16

Want to Want 19

When My Daughter Asks Me to Check and Make Sure Racists Can't Come In and Kill Us 21

Our Minnesota 22

Peeking through the Back Door of the Commodore 25

Refugees from the Prom Center, the Eighties 27

The Why 28

To Combust 29

Knockoff 31

The Measure 34

Poem for Ahmed Al-Jumaili 36

List of Notable Asian American Poets 38

467 / 500 39

Frank's Nursery and Crafts 40

"Allies" Who Think They're the Chosen Ones 41

Are People of Color as Bad or Who's Bad or Bad Meaning Good 42

Bad Driver, or Asian American Activists Who Talk about Their Own People Like They Are "Other" 43

It Was Flame 45

Oriental Flavor 46

Token Exceptional Asian in Liberal Multiculturalism 47

At Dinner 48

April 30, 2014 50

Apple-Red Pathfinder 52

No Question 54

Villain/elle: Shimomura Cross Over in the Flat of the Night 56

Rolling through a Four-Way 57

Bau Cua Cá Cop 58


Future Letter to Daughter Apologizing for When I Caved to Her Request and Brought Her to Barbie's Dreamhouse at Mall of America 61

Broken Things 62

Document 65

Lights 68

In the Dark 69

Careful What You Wish For 70

Tourist with Daughter 71

Contour 72

Full Contact 74

Geek Triptych 75

Balsa Wood Free Association 77

For All Heartbroken Pizza Delivery Boys 78

Theresa, I Think 80

Incomplete / Abridged 81

Therapist 4 86

Chess Pride, Waverly Style 88

Night of the Living 89

Mouse 93

For Brandon Lacy Campos 94

Well Then 95

In Harbor 96


Ego-Tripping as Self-Defense Mechanism for Refugee Kids Who Got Their Names Clowned On 101

Not a Silverfish 102

Being Asian in America 104

Untitled / Fathers 105

Thousand Star Hotel 106

Refugerequiem 107

Acknowledgments 109