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Translating the Message: The Missionary Impact on Culture / Edition 2

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A thorough updating of the book that revolutionized the way the we understand the origins of Christianity and how the translation of the Bible in the global South assisted local cultures during the colonial era.

ISBN-13: 9781570758041

Publisher: Orbis Books

Publication Date: 10-28-2008

Pages: 332

Product Dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

Series: American Society of Missiology #42

Table of Contents

Perface to the American Society of Missiology Series ix

Acknowledgments x

Introduction 1

Thesis 1

Outstanding Issues 4

Rationale 7

Introduction toe the Second Edition 9

1 The Birth of Mission: The Jewish-Gentile Frontier 13

The Jewish Factor 14

Internal Conditions for Mission 15

The External Circumstances 20

The Pauline Factor in Cross-Cultural Mission 27

Paul and the Pluralist Ferment 28

Ethnic and Linguistic Factors in Mission 33

Dichotomy of Church and Mission 40

Mission and Syncretism 42

Mission, Reform, and Cultural Relativism 44

Reform and the Anticlimax of the Crusades 46

Summary and Conclusion 53

2 Mission and the Cultural Assimilation of Christianity: The Hellenistic Factor 56

Function of Translation 57

Transition after Constantine 61

The Roman and Hellenistic phase: A Synopsis 65

The Language Factor in Religious Assimilation 76

Christianity and the Confluence of Cultures 79

Mission in the Upper Danube 81

The Problem Of Hellenism and the Christian Vision 92

Summary and Conclusion 95

3 The Witness of God and the Vocation of Nations: The Authorized ("King James") Bible and the Vernacular Ethos 97

Communication and Identity 97

Subject 101

Rationale 102

Sacred Scripture and the Common Idiom 107

Defense 108

Outcome 111

Appeal 117

Restrospect and Prospect 118

Summary and Conclusion 120

4 Mission and Colonialism: Vernacularization and Westernization 122

Spanish Missions in the New World 124

The Example of Japan 128

The Example of India 134

The African Factor in Mission 142

The Vernacular Issue 161

Summary and Conclusion 162

5 Protest, Reaction, and Renewal: VernacularFerment in the Niger Delta 164

Grievances 164

Hopes 169

The Parallel of the English Reformation 170

Transformation in the Niger Delta 173

he Role of Dandeson Crowther 177

The Fell Clutch of Circumstance: Conflict and Renewal 180

The Recoiling Tension of the Vernacular Spiral 183

Charismatic Revival and Independency 187

Summary and Conclusion 190

6 Missionary Translation in African Perspective: Religious and Theological Themes 191

Theological Repercussions 192

Indigenous Agency 199

Brief Resume 201

Interethnic Encounter and Mutual Exchange 202

Reciprocity 209

Function of Translation 211

Religious Renewal and Indigenous Revitalization 219

Concluding Assessment 226

7 "Familiartity Breeds Faith": First and Last Resorts in Vernacular Translation 229

The Field Dimension in Translation 229

Philosophical Ideas of Translation 235

'The Principle of Recipiency 237

Language and Contingency 238

"Familiarity Breeds Faith" 246

Translation and the Circuitry of Mission 249

Summary and Conclusion 250

8 Translatability in Islam and Christianity with Special Reference to Africa : Recapitulating the Theme 252

The Islamic Paradigm 252

The Christian Counterpoint 256

The Islamic Assessment of Hellenization in Christianity 259

Reform, Renewal, and Revival 262

The Comparative African Christian Example 271

Summary and Conclusion 274

Appendix 1 The Vernacular Principle in Catholic Teaching: Vatican Council II, 1963-1965 277

Appendix 2 Complete Printed Bibles in Vernacular Translations 283

Chapter Bibliographies 293

Index 310