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Two Old Broads: Stuff You Need to Know That You Didn't Know You Needed to Know

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Written by renowned surgeon and expert on the art of aging, Dr. M.E. Hecht, with her friend Whoopi Goldberg lending her unique point of view, Two Old Broads is laugh out loud funny and—tells it like it is for all of us who left middle age in the dust and want to be present, positive, and as extraordinary as ever in our golden years.

Whoopi joins Dr. Hecht in a lively conversation about growing older with no apologies. Dr. Hecht, who passed away a few short months prior to publication, shares her 93 years of wisdom with Whoopi and their fellow “broads.” Together, these two kindred spirits will help you:

  • stay active physically and mentally
  • make finalizing your will more rewarding than it sounds
  • navigate tricky subjects, such as whether you need a home aide
  • win friends and influence people or take a nap, depending on the day
  • discover joy in relationships even when your excretions outweigh your secretions
  • get up financially, physically, and emotionally after a fall
  • keep a sense of humor about getting older (of course!)

Imminently practical and—rooted firmly in the adage that getting older is not for sissies, Two Old Broads is the aging book for the ages. You've survived the past; why not embrace the present and prepare for the future so you thrive and find more time to laugh along the way?

ISBN-13: 9780785241645

Media Type: Hardcover

Publisher: Harper Horizon

Publication Date: 11-08-2022

Pages: 240

Product Dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

M. E. Hecht, MD, was a renowned surgeon that brought innovation and healing to the world. A published author, freelance writer, and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Hecht was a recognized expert with degrees from Yale, Columbia University, and the State University of New York, in addition to advanced study in Davos, Switzerland. After receiving her medical degree, Dr. Hecht became the assistant chief of orthopedics at Elmhurst Hospital, an affiliate of Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Always a brave innovator, she created the first ambulatory care unit for Cabrini Hospital and later established the country’s first group of surgeons devoted solely to rendering second opinions for elective surgery, the Hecht Group Second Surgical Opinion Institution.Dr. Hecht continued to present, write, and contribute as a medical expert to a variety of international publications on strength, exploration, care, and aging. Her philanthropic endeavors abound, including helping young artists by cofounding the Singers Development Foundation. She believed in growing older; growing into it, but never "out of it." Her promise to do no harm was her life-guiding mantra. Whoopi Goldberg is the bestselling author of Is It Just Me?, If Someone Says 'You Complete Me' . . . Run! and The Unqualified Hostess, as well as her children's books, including Alice, Whoopi's Big Book of Manners, and the Sugar Plum Ballerinas series for young readers. She is a prolific producer and entrepreneur and is one of a very elite group of artists who have won the Grammy, the Academy Award, the Golden Globe, the Emmy, and a Tony Award for her work in film, television, recording, and stage.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

Part 1 Broad Mentality

Our Broad Experience 3

You Are Not a Number 5

Eliminate the Negative! 9

Your Marvelous Machine 11

It's Been a Good Long While 15

Wisdom 19

You're a Guru 21

Part 2 Broad Life

O Tempora, O Mores (Oh the Times, Oh the Customs)-Cicero 25

Friendship Through the Ages 29

Dress Like a Broad 33

Dating (An Entirely Different Subject) 37

Dating (Another Take) 39

Sex Over Sixty? 45

Is There Life After Jimmy Choo? 49

Girdles 53

Excursions 57

Part 3 Broad Bones

The Aches and Pains Hour 63

Patients as Junior Partners 65

Four Ears Plus One Notepad Equals a Winner! 69

A Visit to the Doctor: Never a One-Way Street 71

Fear of Surgery from a Surgeon's Point of View 77

Medical Second Opinions 81

Getting Choosy 85

Fear of Anesthesia 89

Don't Get Ripped 91

You and Your Ears 97

Dental Phobia 101

Part 4 Broad Well-Being

How to Train Your Keeper 109

Inactivity: The Enemy 113

Don't Get Out of Bed So Soon 117

Senior Skin Care 123

Sports and Physical Activity 127

Living in the Past 133

The Time I Ignored My Own Advice 135

After the Fall 139

Medications: Take Full Control 143

Self-Examination (Yes, I Do Mean Yours!) 151

Part 5 Broad Shoulders

Am I Losing My Mind? 159

Nodding Off 163

An Approach to Your Will 169

Let's Talk About Attrition 173

Breaking Medical News 177

Crotchety with Charm 183

Part 6 Broad Insights

Lists Are Your Friends 187

A Morning Prayer 189

Who Are You Calling Eccentric? 191

The Sunday Comics 195

Grow Old or Grow Up? 197

Battle Hymn of the Republic 201

An Evening Prayer 203

Vale Dicta (Last Words) 205

Broad Encore 207

Epilogue: In Memory of M. E. Hecht, MD 209

Acknowledgments 211

Index 213

About the Authors 221