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Uphill: A Memoir

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One of Oprah Daily's Best Fall Nonfiction Books of 2022

An empowering, unabashedly bold memoir by the Atlantic journalist and former ESPN SportsCenter coanchor about overcoming a legacy of pain and forging a new path, no matter how uphill life’s battles might be.

Jemele Hill’s world came crashing down when she called President Trump a “white supremacist”; the White House wanted her fired from ESPN, and she was deluged with death threats. But Hill had faced tougher adversaries growing up in Detroit than a tweeting president. Beneath the exterior of one of the most recognizable journalists in America was a need—a calling—to break her family’s cycle of intergenerational trauma.

Born in the middle of a lively routine Friday night Monopoly game to a teen mother and a heroin-addicted father, Hill constantly adjusted to the harsh realities of not only her own childhood but the inherited generational pain of her mother and grandmother. Her escape was writing.

Hill’s mother was less than impressed with the brassy and bold free expression of her diary, but Hill never stopped discovering and amplifying her voice. Through hard work and a constant willingness to learn, Hill rose from newspaper reporter to columnist to new heights as the coanchor for ESPN’s revered SportsCenter. Soon, she earned respect and support for her fearless opinions and unshakable confidence, as well as a reputation as a trusted journalist who speaks her mind with truth and conviction.

In Jemele Hill’s journey Uphill, she shares the whole story of her work, the women of her family, and her complicated relationship with God in an unapologetic, character-rich, and eloquent memoir.

ISBN-13: 9781250624369

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Holt, Henry & Company, Inc.

Publication Date: 10-10-2023

Pages: 256

Product Dimensions: 5.38(w) x 8.25(h) x 1.00(d)

Jemele Hill is the Emmy Award–winning former cohost of ESPN’s SportsCenter and 2018 NABJ Journalist of the Year. Hill is a contributing writer for the Atlantic, where she covers the intersection of sports, race, politics, and culture. She is also the producer of a Disney/ESPN documentary with Colin Kaepernick. She grew up in Detroit, graduated from Michigan State University, and now lives in Los Angeles.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

Chapter 1 Somewhere Between Boardwalk and Park Place 1

Chapter 2 His Will 12

Chapter 3 Drunk, Drugged, or Indifferent 30

Chapter 4 One Thing Is for Sure, Two Things Are for Certain 44

Chapter 5 Are You There God? It's Me, Jemele 56

Chapter 6 Burdens, Not Obstacles 74

Chapter 7 A Sacrificial Lamb 86

Chapter 8 Free Press Don't Raise No Punks 93

Chapter 9 1 out of 405 116

Chapter 10 Baby Momma Drama 123

Chapter 11 The Voices in My Head 132

Chapter 12 The War of Attrition 150

Chapter 13 His & Hers 165

Chapter 14 Selling Tapes out the Trunk 171

Chapter 15 A Different World 179

Chapter 16 Stick to Sports 204

Chapter 17 Enemy of the State 219

Chapter 18 One Down 229

Acknowledgments 239