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Winter's Moons

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When Cassidy Nolan agreed to take over as the Alpha for Chicago's North Side werewolf pack, she knew she was in for a challenge. Four months later, and she's wondering how things deteriorated so far so quickly. Her sister--the Hunter of Chicago, a genetically-engineered werewolf/vampire/demon slayer--has disappeared, and wolves from her pack are vanishing without a trace. Complicating matters is the lone wolf in town whose motivations Cassidy isn't sure she trusts.

All Snow had planned was to check in on her brother's old pack, to make sure they were doing all right and that she didn't need to avenge him. The new Alpha might be floundering, but with some guidance, Snow thinks she could be a decent leader. Not one to stay too long in one place, she should already be heading out of town, but the Alpha's plight and that of her pack have her sticking around a little longer.

Cassidy and Snow quickly realize that time is a luxury and they're about to run out. Forces far greater than the North Side Pack are aligning against them. And when they go looking to forge outside alliances, they discover that those who would call themselves allies may not have their best interests at heart.

In the world of Five Moons Rising.

ISBN-13: 9781642474183

Media Type: Paperback

Publisher: Bella Books

Publication Date: 12-20-2022

Pages: 298

Product Dimensions: 8.10h x 5.30w x 0.80d